David Meltzer Interview – Be Kind To Your Future Self

David Meltzer Interview – Be Kind To Your Future Self

I was a true honor and thrill to have David Meltzer on my show. He inspires me and I love his approach to life. I look forward to creating a genuine relationship with him in the years to come and being mentored by him as well.

David Meltzer is the Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh (“Lee”) Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire.

His life’s mission is to empower OVER 1 BILLION people to be happy! This simple yet powerful mission has led him on an incredible journey to provide one thing…VALUE. In all his content, and communication that’s exactly what you’ll receive. As part of that mission, for the past 20 years, he’s been providing free weekly trainings to empower others to empower others to be happy (held each week at 11AM Pacific Time). 

Link to Register: https://dmeltzer.com/training

David Meltzer

Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing

formerly served as CEO of the renowned
Leigh (“Lee”) Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency,
which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire

Website: https://dmeltzer.com/

Weekly Free Trainings – Fridays 11am PST

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Joe: So my guest today is David Meltzer. I’ve been very excited to have this interview and I can’t wait. So, David, welcome so much and I appreciate you coming on my show.

David: Oh, thanks for having me. I appreciate any opportunity to share a message on your platform to help other people make money, help people have fun, be happy.

Joe: I appreciate it. So is it really weird if I tell you that I love you? I mean, I love if I start the interview off that way, that I love everything about you. I’m so glad I found you. For me, you are the the full package of someone that I look up to all that you do, your humble, your kind. When I see you on your live videos and you’re talking with people, you can see the emotion that’s there. It’s just hard to find the whole package like that.

David: Well, it takes years of work, internal work to allow yourself to love yourself, and they told me that if I could ever learn to love myself and I’m still on the journey, that more people would love me. So it’s not weird to say that it’s we’re connected. We’re connected in those people that feel me that here and listen to me. And it moves them just there’s a clear connection between us. The tree has no branches. So I am well adjusted in the fact that I take it as a huge compliment. If anyone says that to me that I’m doing the right work internally so that other people feel the same way.

Joe: I actually wrote down different notes, one of them is kind of your future self, I’d like you to explain that.

David: My favorite could ever be kind of your future self is a perspective of finding the light, the love and the lessons, the super power and everything, so many people, they look for what they don’t want. They look for what’s missing in their lives. They look for what other people want for them, and they’re not being kind to their future selves by doing so. When you look for the superpowers and others in yourself, when you look for the light, the love and the lessons, your being kind to your future selves. And people ask me, well, how how do I do that? Pragmatically, David and I have a simple, pragmatic methodology, which is do good deeds, smiley people wave out that my wife still thinks I’m a complete kook? We go walking, hopefully every day we go walking together. It’s one of the things that I do is an adaptable routine to make sure I spend a minimum of time with my wife, but I’ll wave and everyone. And so, you know, that person know she looks at me like I’m absolutely insane. But to me, that’s being kind to my future self. And you never know. I’m telling you, so many people have told me that I’ve impacted their lives because I’ve had that perspective one word at the right time or one action of letting someone in front of you at the grocery store. There’s a woman that sit there and go, she had babies and she had items. And I just, you know, I’m on a coaching call. What’s the difference about doing it in my car or in line at the grocery store? I let the lady before me. She turns around in tears. I was like, Are you OK? She’s like, No. She goes, We moved here and we thought we had to move back. And I told myself, if I don’t find somebody, you know, to show me that kindness that I was going to think about moving back. And there you were. And I was like, that’s what we do. That’s being kind to your future self. And all that impact aggregates together to change the world.

Joe: One of the other things that I wanted to ask along the same lines is, are you a believer of we are where we are supposed to be? You know, the thing that people say, you know, the universe delivers when you’re ready. And I just thank God, doesn’t the universe have more for me? I want to live a much bigger life. That’s why I completely look up to you. And I aspire to what you do. And I just feel like I just turned fifty nine in February and I’m like, God, there’s got to be something more. I want more. I want to live a bigger life and I can’t believe this is all the universe thinks I deserve.

David: Yeah, so the paradigm that needs to be shifted is, yes, I believe that we are at the right place at the perfect time, that we have everything we need or we wouldn’t be here. But I also believe that we need to live in the Law of GooYa and the Law of GooYa. Get off your ass. John Assaraf taught me that and he was explaining first time I met him, you know, he I started to read the law of Attraction, thinking he would dive deep. And he said, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I really don’t believe in the law of attraction. I believe a lot of Coya, which creates a frequency that will allow things to happen. And it really changed my perspective, because what I want you to think about and everybody out there is what if you already have everything? Meaning what if you already are connected to the health that you want, the great wealth that you want, and the great happiness that is yours? You talk about the minute we say that there’s more for me, we actually are thinking about what’s missing in our lives instead of shifting the paradigm and saying, I already have it, what am I doing to interfere with it? I stem from a belief above exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’m going to do everything I can, the law of GooYa, to angle to what I want, to clear the interference from me to what I want to come through me for others, because I’m going to give it away anyway.

David: But there’s much more for me because I live in a world of more than enough. More than enough of everything for everyone. It’s my job not to go get it, not to think that there’s something missing, but to figure out what’s interfering with me and everything that is already mine. The greatest source of power, light love lessons, the greatest source of abundance of everything that is beyond our fathomable dreams and imaginations called infinity. And if I can, just for an instant every day, touch limitlessness an infinity, if I can do that through my perspective of gratitude, forgiveness, accountability and inspiration, just an instant that allows me to hopefully tomorrow have two instances where I’ve cleared everything out of the way and I feel that way of abundance, truly unconditional love. And so I want everyone out there to think about what is already theirs to remind themselves. Remember all these words, recollect again, knowledge, the fact that we already have it, and when we don’t feel as if we have it, that it’s an illusion created by an interference, usually the ego is creating that interference. And so what do we do to clear that out of the way so that all of the things that are already ours, the material wealth, the extraordinary health, the extraordinary happiness that they actually come to us more rapidly and accurately. They come through us for others in the same way.

Joe: So you’re saying that I by doing that, I will be able to identify what the resistance’s.

David: Correct. You already have everything you dream of, you’re just resisting it and you’re creating void shortages and obstacles between you and what you already have.

Joe: I just I’m getting in my own way, is what you’re trying to say in a nice way.

David: So, no, I think that is a nice thing to say, I’m in my own way all the time, I’m just limited by what what I’m doing in comparison is an extraordinary way of stealing your joy. So I’m consistently trying to expand my own pipe to what I already am. And as much as I can see where you have that perspective of, there’s so much more. Why don’t I have it? That’s the world of not enough. And I live there for a while. I know what that’s like where you become a victim, where there’s not enough of anything and you should have more. And why do they have this? And I don’t have this. And then even the world of for me, you know, everything’s for me. And I lived in this abundant or supposedly abundant world where I bought things I didn’t need to impress people I didn’t like creating more resistance in my life to teach me even more valuable lessons. But I try to spend only minutes in moments and interference instead of days, weeks, months and years. And I live as much as I can in the pursuit of a world of more than enough of abundance, where I truly believe that infinity is my possibility.

Joe: So I read about in your book, so I love this book, and I bought 10 copies because I want to share this with people I care about. And I read in there about how you talk about meditation and manifestation. And the really cool thing was the point where you say you get up and you meditate at and you said in the two a.m. and four a.m. time period is when there’s less vibration around. And so the four a.m. time slot for you is really important. So if meditation was taken away from you for some reason, just hypothetically, what would that do to you or what would you think that the importance of meditation in your life is?

David: Yeah, it would it would diminish my capacity to plateau and grow, it would diminish my capacity to have a baseline in which I can recognize, recollect, remember my highest frequency so that I know when the ego based consciousness is that I have are interfering with me and what I want or what is already mine. And so I think without the practice of being quiet, it would be more difficult to expand, grow and accelerate at the pace that I do to spend minutes and moments and ego based consciousness instead of days, weeks, months and years. It’s a very essential time. Is important is meditation is to me, so is the shift in the paradigm that I’ve utilized for my time in all of the things that is not in to goodness, that has evolved from connected to goodness. The book that you have is that I have a philosophy about my days. My tomorrows starts today. So where everyone gets excited about tomorrow, that means 9:00 PM to me. So I’ve shifted the man made construct of time. I know it screws up my wife in the calendaring because I’ll say, Oh, I can’t wait for tomorrow. And then my tomorrow starts at 9:00 p.m.. And the reason it does is that it shifts my entire perspective of life, that I have an unwinding routine to start my day, that my day starts at its highest frequency at nine p.m.

David: I then put my mind, body and soul in the right position to recover at the beginning of the day, to recover physically, then to allow the greatest flow of connection with the least amount of resistance to start my day, which is sleep. Sleep is the physical, natural realm of being able to get out of your own way. And so to utilize nine p.m. is the beginning of my day to set me up for what most people call tomorrow. But now I call it tomorrow. Today is extraordinary because then leading into four a.m., I’m now at my physical recovery of the highest vibration. But I also have elevated my awareness through less interference between subconscious and unconscious connectivity to the greatest source of light, love and lessons, which leads to what I call the plateau and growth methodology of life. So you’re not living and can move the stranger’s myth of Sisyphus pushing a boulder, which I live many years of my life feeling this way, pushing a boulder to the top of the hill just to start over in the morning. My tomorrow starts today. I think the nine p.m. and routine is equal to, if not greater than importance to the practice of being quiet. My for a meditation for twenty minutes.

Joe: And what does that 9:00 p.m. unwinding look like?

David: So for me, it’s understanding negative energy, so temperature wise, for me, it’s sixty seven degrees so that I’m in a state of temperature that allows for the most physical recovery dark, no negative conversation, no negative content, disturbing content. Everything to me is to whine down, no eating, no drinking, no drugs or alcohol, obviously, which I laugh at. But there’s plenty of times, believe me, after nine o’clock, that I was partaking in things that were interfering with what was the most essential time for me to connect to the greatest source that has helped me to elevate my life and other people’s lives. So, you know, the unwinding routine is a discipline of making sure no emails, no dams, no communication outside other than the intimate conversation with me in my family and I regulate. If someone brings up, you know, I want to quit college, that conversation is not going to be had at nine o’clock. I do have an adaptable routine. You know, I have my priorities. I take inventory of my values. So if there was an emergency, you know, somebody either my my health or my family’s well-being, then that would take priority over the unwinding routine. So I do have an adaptable routine. So I’m not like some strict robot. You know, my daughter is like, oh, well, I need you. Nope. Sorry, it’s nine or five. I’m not here. I can know I’m a human being. I prioritize my family. But I will tell you that I feel differently in the morning when I allow interference to the beginning of my day. And I can definitely feel the difference. And once again, I’m blessed because minutes in moments is all I’m spending there lately and very few days. Do I have to even implement my adaptable routine?

Joe: So if someone comes in contact with you via, let’s say, social media and I don’t even know how you keep up the pace that you do with the live videos on Instagram and Facebook. And I have a question about Miles that I want to ask you before we finish up. Are you getting to bed at 11 like it mentions that in the book? Are you actually only sleeping five hours? You’re getting about 11, getting up at four for meditation.

David: So this is the great Dave Meltzer lie that I wrote and connected to goodness that

Joe: Ok.

David: Pissed my wife off because my wife has rolled her eyes at this question more than not, because she’s been the victim of me passing out at nine or five, nine thirty, ten o’clock. I mean, if I was more honest when I wrote that book, I would have said I have unwinding routines starting at nine. I must be passed out by 11 and there are many road trips to hundred of them. A year before covid where I was pushing myself because I didn’t have the family aspect of being on the road. So I pushed myself and make sure I was passed out by 11 p.m. Pacific Time. But most of the time I’ve passed out before 11, so somewhere between five, five and seven hours a night. So I would say I averaged six. But there’s many times I’ve gone months and months and five hours. I prefer it’s it’s interesting because physically I’m getting in better shape. So I was just talking about Mondays. I take my day off of physical, hard, physical exercise and I do yoga stretching balance. And so I’ve been finding that I wake up at two thirty to three if if I fall asleep too early just because I’m pushing myself, I pass out at nine thirty. Now I only go to thirty. So I just need the five hours. Today was one of those days like driving everyone in my business crazy because they woke up with one hundred emails.

Joe: So I want to know if I can steal your bunch or make a lot of money, help a lot of people and have a lot of fun. I love that. Is that OK to steal?

David: Absolutely

Joe: It’s totally.

David: Share

Joe: I love it.

David: Share my concern and do good deeds. Please tell everyone to make money, help people have fun as part of my mission to empower over a billion people. And the more you tell people, hey, this comes from my mentor, David Meltzer. Join him for his free trainings, books, exercises, guys, whatever I can do, please share that message, because that’s the definition to of happiness. If you make a lot of money and you help a lot of people and you have a lot of fun, I promise you you’ll be one of the happiest people you’ve ever met.

Joe: I love it. OK, I know our time is limited, I could sit and talk with you all day. I have a question about Miles is

David: My son.

Joe: Is yes. Is he going to be it seems extremely knowledgeable about sports. When I spoke with one of the Instagram where you and he was sitting on your lap and you were doing a Sunday morning and people were rattling questions off in the comments and he seems to be a sports fanatic, what’s he going to what’s he going to be when he grows up? Does he know yet?

David: Whatever he wants, he knows that three things he knows that I tell him every day. Number one, I’m proud of him to that I love him. And three, I always have his back. I tell him I need four things from him. I need one him to be happy, too. I need him to be healthy. Three, I want him to love me. And four, I want him to appreciate me, meaning that allow me to bring value to his life. So those are the three in the fours. And then whenever we do activities, I always tell them we have three objectives. When we do activities together, whatever they may be, he has to do his best. He has to have fun and he has to learn at least one lesson. So if he does his best, has fun and learn the lesson following all the other constructs or whatever it is he is in, what he loves to do, it will find and it’s already there. And he is extraordinary by all my four kids. I’m blessed to become even a better father now than it was. But I’m blessed. They have good genetics, which helps. But they also have really good mindsets and hard assets to follow the quantum genetics that they’ve been gifted with.

Joe: Well, they are lucky to have you, David. This has been such an honor for me, I can’t even begin to tell you. Thank you so much for your time. And I hope our paths cross someday. I would love to meet you in person. And thank you so much for doing this.

David: Come visit me. You’re welcome every Friday for my free trainings, we have a studio where covid safe if you want to wait till after. You’re always welcome to come visit me on a Friday

Joe: Thank you so much, David.

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