Dr. Shawn Dill and Dr. Lacey Book – the Black Diamond Club, The Specific and more…

Dr. Shawn Dill and Dr. Lacey Book talked with me about so many things happening in their lives.

Amongst the many of subjects we discussed, we talked about their book “None of Your Business: A Winning Approach to Turn Service Providers into Entrepreneurs”, their organization the Black Diamond Club and their franchise business, The Specific Chiropractic Centers.

It was great to talk with such a power couple as I like to call them and learn how they navigate through both their business and professional lives.

The Black Diamond club is about helping service providers learn all the necessary tools to be successful while offering a community of support and like minded individuals. Their book gives you the tool in hand, to do the same.

The Specific is their chiropractic franchise organization that helps chiropractic offices use a proven formula for growth is their specific realm of expertise being knee, chest, upper cervical specific clinics.

I had a great with with Shawn and Lacey and I hope you get as much out of this episode as I did.

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Joe: Sean, Lacey, thanks for joining me on the podcast. I’m super excited after I went and looked at everything that you guys are doing. It’s like I probably need a week with you on air. I’m exhausted, actually, from my research, but I’m excited about this. So welcome to the show. I appreciate it.

Shawn & Lacey: Thank you so much. Boy, that’s that’s a I never heard that before, I don’t think we hear stuff similar to that. I would say, though, it takes a little while, it takes a little while for us to explain what we do. Sometimes

Joe: Yeah,

Shawn & Lacey: I get that.

Joe: There’s a lot going on, so I’m going to jump right in, I might have a different approach than some podcasters. For me, it’s really about the origin of where you came from, because I think that’s missed a lot of times. And I like people that are listening to the podcast as either entrepreneurs that are in the throes of it and trying to figure stuff out or they’re they’re on their way up or people that are on the sidelines going mad. Do I really want to do this? I hear how hard it is to be an entrepreneur and and I’m one myself, so I know what it’s like. And I would love to at least get your history first. And if you want, you can obviously you probably need to both do it separately because you you didn’t all of a sudden disappear together as this good looking power couple that you are. And so I’d like to hear a little bit about each of your story and then the connection and then we’ll go from there. And I promise I won’t miss anything. I have a ton of notes so either of you can go first, whoever wants to.

Shawn & Lacey: Well, Sean is a couple of years on me, so I’ll let him go first chronological order, chronological order. Well, I’ll accelerate through the early stages of my entrepreneurial development.

Joe: Not too

Shawn & Lacey: I

Joe: Much,

Shawn & Lacey: Graduated.

Joe: Though, not too much, because it’s I like to know who you were when you grew up, like it’s

Shawn & Lacey: Ok.

Joe: Important because I think, you know, people just think all of a sudden, hey, Sean, at least he had a lucky. They they had rich parents and they grew up in an affluent neighborhood. And Sean’s trajectory was to be a chiropractor the moment he was born. And and I think it’s important for people to know that it’s not that easy. And not everyone most of us don’t come from that sort of direction

Shawn & Lacey: Mm

Joe: Early

Shawn & Lacey: Hmm.

Joe: On.

Shawn & Lacey: Ok, well, my both of my parents worked nine to five job superimportant, and I would say we were sort of just middle class, maybe just above middle class. Not definitely not upper middle class. I distinctly remember for my age, wanting designer jeans, Jordache jeans, and I was allowed a pair of Jordache jeans. But my friends, they wore Jordache jeans every day. And so unless I wore the same jeans every day, I wasn’t wearing designer jeans every day, hated to wear the lead jeans. I worked one of the things that super important as I worked during high school, shining shoes at a country club in Fort Wayne, Indiana. That was sort of my first real job making money. Of course, I mowed yards, but nothing like nothing super sexy from the entrepreneurial space. I was I had a job. But what I what I noticed was that the members at the country club, they were able to play golf on Wednesdays and Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays. And there I was shining their shoes every day and something sort of sparked in me that made me wonder how they had that lifestyle. I know that you’ve had conversations with Steve Sims, a similar thing. I think that people people have that sort of that moment when they question what makes you so different than me.

Shawn & Lacey: So that was sort of my moment. I fell in love with this idea. I was like, I think that if you truly have made it in my life, you’re 16 years old. I thought, like, well, then you could have a country club membership and you can play golf on Wednesdays and Fridays. That became something that was super important to me at a very early age. Now, I didn’t play golf at that time. I was shining shoes, but then I went on. My cousin was a chiropractor. This was during the 80s. And the chiropractic space, the 1980s are known as the Mercedes 80s because insurance reimbursement was high. My cousin drove three BMW, so I think he had two BMW cars and he had a BMW motorcycle and his license plate was three BMW s three BMW. And I thought, well, that’s really cool. You must really do well. If you if you’re a chiropractor and a chiropractic experience, then my cousin really encouraged me to go to chiropractic college, go to chiropractic college. I’m very passionate about chiropractic. But what I realize is that just like culinary art school, when you go to culinary art school, you’re being taught how to be a great chef and every great chef’s dream is to own their own restaurant.

Joe: Yeah.

Shawn & Lacey: Well, the same thing in professional trade schools. If you go to become a dentist, a chiropractor, medical doctor, lawyer, they teach you how to be a great practitioner. And of course, every practitioner’s dream is to own their own place. But I didn’t really have the business education that would be necessary to be successful. I graduated chiropractic college at the age of twenty four. I knew everything there was to know in the world at twenty four. I mean you just

Joe: Yes,

Shawn & Lacey: That said,

Joe: Absolutely.

Shawn & Lacey: You know everything. So I moved from the United States to Costa Rica. I didn’t speak any Spanish where Costa Rica. The primary language is Spanish. But you know, you figure that out later. And my first year in business was absolutely terrible. It was just it was terrible. I ended that year wondering if I made the right decision, one to be a chiropractor, to to be in business. And I had to make a decision to either, like, bite down hard and press forward or to throw in the towel. I could probably go back to the United States and get a job working for someone else. Thankfully for it, for my sake, I decided to press forward one more time. I caught a break. I was invited to be on a television show. My Spanish was still pretty terrible, so the show was pretty terrible. Imagine you’re interviewing me and my English was so broken that you were trying to piece it together right like that. That’s what we did. But then slowly I began to get my bearings with the language. I got better and my business blew up. We ended up having four chiropractic offices in Costa Rica. That was sort of my first taste of that magic called scale. I was like, wow, so we could do that, end up coming back to the United States.

Shawn & Lacey: I have two daughters and wanted to get them into school here and then here I really that’s when I got to the states. That was kind of why would accelerate that. But it is important to know where someone came from. That’s really when that sort of entrepreneurial bug started to really develop. I opened up one office and had that bug to scale. We eventually created a chiropractic franchise called the Specific Chiropractic Center. We began consulting with chiropractors and then consulting outside of the chiropractic space. We’ve worked with some great many. Tours like Jay Abraham and David Meltzer, who began to encourage us to look at other verticals, so we started to get into the software space, we are in the digital marketing space. We do events, but they’re all interrelates. It’s not like a hodgepodge of things. They they’re all sort of interconnected and that sort of then that acceleration on the on the backside, you know, we’ve just been super blessed. I think a lot of people that really have their game together did well during the pandemic. And so we were blessed through this through this year. And then, of course, you know, looking ahead, trying to prepare the business for what’s to come.

Joe: So all that was amazing, and I appreciate you doing that for me, and I think the audience will really appreciate it. The only question in the whole thing that I had, and I always hate interrupting, so I just kept quiet, was why Costa Rica? It seems like such a random thing to say. And even though I want to go there and I want to possibly live there, I get it now. But at twenty four y.

Shawn & Lacey: I just told the story last night, and I remember we also have a podcast and I appreciate when podcast and they say I’m actually going to tell you the answer to that. The real answer, when I was in St. Louis at Chiropractic College, my roommate, he was dating a girl and eventually became a fiance. And her grandmother was the president of Nicaragua. And my roommate was like, we should go down and visit Nicaragua. I was like, yeah, let’s do that. So we stayed. We ended up staying at her grandfather on the other side of the family at the grandfather’s house. And we were invited to have a couple of meetings. We were exploring. I wanted to go to Nicaragua and we sat down with a guy and very nice. And he explained he talked to me and he said, Sean, you don’t want to come to Nicaragua. Not safe, not good, not stable. If you like Nicaragua, for some reason, you should go to Costa Rica. And I was like, OK, well, that guy, his name was Popl tomorrow. And there’s a book written. It’s called Everybody Has His Own Gringo. Pulpo was

Joe: Well.

Shawn & Lacey: Oliver North’s contact in this whole Iran Contra affair. I was sitting in his guy’s office and he told me so Jamal told me, you don’t want to come to Nicaragua, go to Costa Rica. I did. A couple of months later, I went to Costa Rica. Costa Rica was just absolutely beautiful. I was honestly, too, trying to escape something that’s interesting from the health care space. I was trying to escape the advent of managed care. This was nineteen ninety five. Managed care was coming on the scene. People didn’t really know what that was going to mean for the providers. And so I was like, look, I mean, again, I know everything. The best thing for me is to go to Costa Rica. First it was Nicaragua and then I was convinced by some very powerful people that I should go to Costa Rica instead.

Joe: That’s amazing. All right, well, and did you end up buying any property there because by now everyone wants to be there and everyone wants to own property.

Shawn & Lacey: I did, but I sold that property when we moved back to the United States. That was the other thing is that I worked very hard. You know, we may dive into that at some point here in our discussion as an entrepreneur. So people always ask me, like, wow, you’re in Costa Rica like, what’s your favorite beach? And honestly, the answer is, I don’t know. I was working like a given. We have a home in Florida, but if you’re working, you’re not at the beach. So just because you live in Florida doesn’t mean you’re like out renting jet skis or doing all of these things every day. Yeah.

Joe: Yeah, well, great, well, that’s awesome. Well, I appreciate you doing that, Lacey, it’s your turn now. I want to hear about you.

Shawn & Lacey: Wonderful, and I’ll fill in some of the gaps that

Joe: Perfect,

Shawn & Lacey: John glossed

Joe: Perfect.

Shawn & Lacey: Over when the two of us came together, so for me, I grew up a little bit differently. I actually grew up in Silicon Valley in Northern California. And you think Silicon Valley and you think just that the tech capital of the United States and it really was like that. I remember when I grew up, I literally grew up around the corner from Netflix when it was in one little tiny office and I could walk there from my home. But that didn’t mean that I grew up with a lot of money. And so majority of my life, we actually lived off of a single family income. My mother worked. My dad, my father was a lot older and so he retired pretty early on in my childhood. And so my mom was really solely responsible for the money in our household, which especially in California, didn’t go very far.

Joe: The.

Shawn & Lacey: And so for me, I actually started working since the day I turned 14. We got some permission from the school and I worked at a really horrible but really fun second run movie theater, probably doing things that no kids should have done. But it taught me a lot, taught me a lot about customer service and really being able to take care of people. And honestly, I can say to this point, I’ve never stopped working since that day. I’ve always been a go getter, I think for me, because we didn’t have a lot. I always just had this desire for more. And on top of that, I a lot of people out there may relate to this because I wanted more. I had a rebellious side of me. I always wanted to to to break the limits, break the mold. And so I thrived in almost every job I had when I went to undergrad. Since I paid for it myself, I worked three jobs and went to school to get it done. And so I always had that spirit in me, but I never had the knowledge or the intellect or know how.

Shawn & Lacey: I don’t know how to put it all together. And I ended up going to chiropractic school. And along that road is when I met Sean and just I was just as passionate about chiropractic as he was and ended up we ended up working together in that office that he started in California. And then from there, that’s where the two of us started our relationship and started working together as well. And I remember at that time, I we want to talk about beginnings. We tell this story a lot because that was in two thousand and eleven and we were in a six hundred and twenty five square foot apartment. I had a ton of debt coming out of school. Like carpenters come out of school with around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in debt. He had just come to the United States quite a few years before that, but was still, I mean, really starting from scratch. So we had the six hundred twenty five square foot apartment and we had the two girls that are two kids there as well. I

Joe: Scott.

Shawn & Lacey: Mean, it was teeny tiny. And we always tell the story of our green couch because at that time we had no money. We had to get a hand-me-down couch from another student that was at the school that moved away. And that’s what our girls slept on. And so oftentimes I know and I love that you said that because people automatically think, well, maybe they maybe they had opportunity. I didn’t maybe they were blessed. Maybe they grew up that way. Honestly, not only did not grow up that way, but in 2011, it was actually worse. Right. We didn’t know what we were going to do with the our actually I didn’t know I should say I was the one in the relationship that really struggled with a lack of mentality. Sean has always thought very abundantly. And so we really had to work that out in our relationship to make it work. But the other thing about us is not only were we passionate about chiropractic, we’re passionate about helping other people. And so that’s what allowed us to go on that trajectory of having our chiropractic franchise and then becoming consultants for people that are service based entrepreneurs and really growing to where we are at today. And that’s how we end up sitting here before you. And so it was it was a lot of work, a lot of struggle, a lot of wrong decisions, but mostly just a desire and a tenacity to continue to reach more people and make an impact.

Joe: Yeah, and it’s so I understand why Sean got into it, because he saw his cousin with the three BMW, right. It made sense. What triggered you to take that path?

Shawn & Lacey: You know, it’s really interesting, I was actually thinking about when he was telling that story. It’s funny because I’ve heard that story many times. But where I grew up, because because it was Silicon Valley, I was surrounded by money, surrounded by it. There was a lot of entrepreneurs. There are a lot of people in the tech world. The high school that I went to, I, I drove the Cruddas car in the whole parking lot like it was so bad that it was like of those felt ceilings. You remember

Joe: Yes.

Shawn & Lacey: When they had that and the glue had melted

Joe: Yes,

Shawn & Lacey: Off. So the

Joe: The liner

Shawn & Lacey: Felt

Joe: The

Shawn & Lacey: With

Joe: Liner starts

Shawn & Lacey: The liner, yeah, it would be bumping my head

Joe: Right.

Shawn & Lacey: And I would have to tack it up. And I think for me, I would I would boil it down to one word and it was contrast. I was able to see what those what that life could look like

Joe: Mm hmm.

Shawn & Lacey: In stark contrast to where I was. And so I always wanted to have the opportunity in my own life like I saw like that my that my friends had. And it wasn’t that I grew up in a bad household. My parents were amazing and phenomenal. But it’s just when you grow up around that, you go, how do I get that? What do I need to do? How hard do I need to work? And so I think that a lot of that came down to it for me.

Joe: That’s great. So, Sean, real quick, you you and I are probably close to the same age, I might even be older, but the we had parents from potentially the Depression era. Right. Or at least my mother

Shawn & Lacey: Oh.

Joe: Came from that. So it was always even though they were encouraging, my father was more encouraging for some reason, it was just in his DNA. My mother was like the safety thing. Like, No, you just got to get a good job, work hard, go to school, go to whatever. And every time I wanted to dip my toe in an entrepreneurial pool, she was always like, Are you sure about this? Even as I got older when I was literally being successful doing various companies that I opened. So Lacey said that her parents were very supportive. How about you and your your parents?

Shawn & Lacey: You know, my parents, and it’s not that her parents were not supportive, but probably my parents were more supportive of of of just sort of the idea of being an entrepreneur. However, right now, as we are speaking, my parents don’t really know what we do. So I still ask all the time, what do you guys actually

Joe: Hey,

Shawn & Lacey: Do

Joe: I

Shawn & Lacey: Exactly?

Joe: Can’t I can’t blame them, because if you look at the websites and the events that you guys are like, my head is spinning, so I get it.

Shawn & Lacey: But I I also was lucky that and I just think there’s about people I think if you have a conversation with somebody and you dive deep enough, superstars in life have superstar characteristics and they exhibit superstar characteristics early on, most people don’t realize that they are they themselves are

Joe: Yeah.

Shawn & Lacey: Superstars. But if you look at people that are successful, they have sort of these sort of interesting ways that they were successful. So I suppose I excelled in academics. My mother told me as an adult that there were many times that she was like, hey, are you going to study for that test? And I was like, now? And that she she was like, it was a dilemma as a mother because she wanted me to fail so I would learn the lesson.

Joe: Yeah.

Shawn & Lacey: But I never did. And she’s like, somehow you just kept getting through. And I got great grades and I was successful in music. And so they at least in the area of music, I when I left high school, I either wanted to be a professional soccer player or a professional musician playing the saxophone. I went to Indiana University, which has

Joe: Great

Shawn & Lacey: A very

Joe: School,

Shawn & Lacey: Good soccer

Joe: Great,

Shawn & Lacey: Team and a great music program,

Joe: Great.

Shawn & Lacey: And it took me less than a semester to figure out that I wasn’t going to be able to do either one of those. And so then I had to kind of figure out. But they were always very supportive in the sense of do what you want. I think also to a contrast, I didn’t have any school debt compared to Lacey’s two hundred and fifty thousand. So my parents at least, you know, they were they were, though, of that mindset. Right. You know, buy a house, save money, pay for your kid’s education. That was the mark of success. And I was I was the beneficiary of that. And they were also very, very supportive. I will say to I think actually I’m more like you, Joe. Yeah. Yeah,

Joe: Oh, yeah.

Shawn & Lacey: Actually,

Joe: Ok.

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah. My my father was born in nineteen twenty seven

Joe: Oh, and my

Shawn & Lacey: And

Joe: Father

Shawn & Lacey: So.

Joe: Was born in nineteen twenty nine, so.

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah, and so I actually grew up and my mother, my father, it was in his DNA to just to just to just love one on me and like just say you can do these things. My mother was actually the worrywart.

Joe: Yeah,

Shawn & Lacey: And

Joe: Exactly.

Shawn & Lacey: So I always say she was one of those people that could could find the worst case scenario and anything. Right. And and that and I don’t know if you can relate to that, but I meet a lot of people that, yeah, I

Joe: Gosh.

Shawn & Lacey: Grew up that grew up with somebody. And so it would be like, OK, but if you do this, here’s what could happen. Right. So it was a it was an interesting, I think, balance that the two of them played in my in my life and I was in the middle of it. And so for me, I wasn’t like Sean. Like I instead I pushed back and try to do everything as independently as I could. Right. And so it was very different, I think, growing up.

Joe: God, it’s so nice to meet someone who had the same dichotomy of the father and the mother, and it was she was so protective and so fearful because

Shawn & Lacey: Yes.

Joe: She they they had an alcoholic father who left. They had just there.

Shawn & Lacey: My mom, too.

Joe: Yeah. They just scrounged for everything. It was just it was devastating for them when they were young. So she didn’t want any of those. She didn’t want me to take any chances at all. But I was the middle child. I was the one that just constantly bought the system. And she just

Shawn & Lacey: Yep.

Joe: My poor mother, I from God. Man, old

Shawn & Lacey: I

Joe: Man.

Shawn & Lacey: Know I said I told my mom, too, I don’t know how you how you did it with me, No. One. And then we fed into their worrying,

Joe: Mm

Shawn & Lacey: Right,

Joe: Hmm.

Shawn & Lacey: Because

Joe: Yeah,

Shawn & Lacey: We kept bucking back.

Joe: Yeah,

Shawn & Lacey: So,

Joe: Yeah, well,

Shawn & Lacey: You know.

Joe: That’s that’s awesome. So, OK, so you meet and it’s is it twenty eleven when you well you met before then but twenty eleven is when you kind of really started this relationship and partnership.

Shawn & Lacey: Yep.

Joe: Is that true

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah,

Joe: For

Shawn & Lacey: We met in 2006,

Joe: Ok.

Shawn & Lacey: And then I think we started dating like end of 2010, yeah.

Joe: Ok, and you had one chiropractic location out in California.

Shawn & Lacey: Yes.

Joe: Ok, so what is the conversation that happens that you say, OK, we can do more than this and we can open up either other offices of our own or we’ve created such a successful practice that we could actually duplicate this and franchise it? I don’t know what came first or how, but I’m

Shawn & Lacey: Let

Joe: Interested

Shawn & Lacey: Me give you an idea

Joe: Because there’s

Shawn & Lacey: The

Joe: Many

Shawn & Lacey: Answer

Joe: Business

Shawn & Lacey: To

Joe: Out

Shawn & Lacey: That.

Joe: There that, like, I have a entertainment booking agency and I have systems in place that if I got ran over by bus today, literally someone could walk in and everything goes in order

Shawn & Lacey: It’s

Joe: And

Shawn & Lacey: Great.

Joe: It’s all planned out and it’s totally franchise able. If I ever wanted to do that, I’m probably too old to do something like that. So but how did you how did this conversation happen? Because I looked in all the locations you have in some of them, you have multiple one of the locations. You have four offices alone in it, right? Four.

Shawn & Lacey: Mm hmm.

Joe: So you guys really blew this up. And I’d love for the audience who has this maybe in the back of their mind. How does someone go about this conversation and then take those steps? And I know that’s part of what you also do in your training. So we’re going to get to all of that. But this interests

Shawn & Lacey: Absolutely.

Joe: Me as well.

Shawn & Lacey: So I think even if someone is listening, we are two people, but anybody listening is probably had this conversation with themselves as if even if you’re one person, sort of this, you know, white right shoulder, left shoulder, good angel, bad angel. However you want to configure it. I my role in that, that is that my mindset always has been one of superabundance. I’m one that is the opposite of the risk of, you know, this is all the bad things that can happen. My position is always like, yeah, but this is all the cool stuff that could happen if it went the other way. And that’s sort of where my my focus goes. Lacey can share that hers is is different and how it’s different. But I always thought that man, we could just figure this out and then really what that the desire was for me was to reach as many people as possible. That was one of my big lessons in Costa Rica. I remember I had four offices in Costa Rica. There’s four million people in Costa Rica. And what I realized was that four million at that time. There’s probably more now. But what I realized is that I wasn’t even making a dent. I was like, we’ve got four when we were busy, like my office was seeing two hundred and fifty patient visits, patient transactions per day,

Joe: Oh, my

Shawn & Lacey: Five

Joe: Gosh.

Shawn & Lacey: And a half days a week. People were pouring in. And I’m like, and we’re still not making it that we’re not we’re not getting close like we’re not. We would need to have such an incredible infrastructure to really reach more people. And that was sort of a big transition for me. I think that people that want to scale in the sense of multiple units, franchising, etc., as you come to this realization that you’re just one person, seven billion people on the planet, this podcast, the reason why we agree to come on it is because it amplifies our voice, the people that are listening to the podcast or the people that don’t normally listen to us and vice versa. And so the effort is gaining leverage by being able to scale your message for me and being in the service world to reach more people. So that was always in the back of my mind. I wanted people I wanted to just reach more people. Now, then, your question. So that’s the pre answer, because then your question is like, so what does the conversation look like? And that’s not as easy, because if it were that easy, everybody would do it. I always say people that are in the service world that have a passion to reach a lot of people, that is the answer. Well, then why don’t they do that? Because here’s the scariest thing to do before he adds sort of what that transition look like is that in the service world, if we are if we really believe that we are impacting and changing people’s lives fundamentally by whatever it is we do, whether you’re a massage therapist or a hairstylist or whatever you do, like you feel like the person on the other side of the transaction, that their life is radically changed as a result of your doing it.

Shawn & Lacey: Don’t you actually have an obligation then to reach as many people as possible? And I’ll add to that and scale, because this is the problem. If you were run over by a bus and you hadn’t put the systems in place, then the entire thing stops with you. Even the people that you are currently serving, they just all of a sudden don’t have a way to continue on. So that’s always been in my mind. Now, going to lazy and saying, yeah, let’s just open up a bunch of those with zero money that is not necessarily very well received. And so she can tell you. Yeah, and people ask us all the time where you guys work together, you do everything together, you live together. And so very early on, I mean, one of the reasons I fell in love with Sean is his his ability not just to be just a visionary, but his ability to be a strategic visionary, like to see so many moves ahead, because the way that I grew up, I was taught to look at the very thing in front of you.

Shawn & Lacey: Right. And so it’s a very different way of going about and doing business. Not to say that I’m not a risk taker, but I just do it differently. And so we were very lucky because people saw the model that Sean had created with that original office and fell in love with it. It was all cash, no insurance, a very specific type of technique that we do. And they said, I, I want in on that. I want you to teach me how to do that. But here’s the problem. He was still working in the office seeing patients with me. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship with somebody working together or you’re in a partnership with somebody working together. What we learned very quickly is that we were doing the work of one person as two people, super inefficient. And so he’s like, we need to we need a scale. We need to grow. But I’m being selfish. And I wanted him to stay and work in the office with me. And so I had a life coach. She was Russian. So she was very straightforward.

Joe: Yes.

Shawn & Lacey: She and she said she she didn’t have a filter. And she literally said to me one day, she said. I want you to know that what I’m feeling is that you’re holding Sean back from being able to do the thing that he’s good at. It’s like so crazy. Why

Joe: Not

Shawn & Lacey: Would you say

Joe: Me,

Shawn & Lacey: Something

Joe: Be

Shawn & Lacey: Like that?

Joe: Right.

Shawn & Lacey: Come on. And luckily, I don’t I’m not an individual takes things personally. And so I went home to Sean and I said, you know, Cachalia, my life coach, she said this crazy thing to me. She said, I’m holding you back. And he looked me dead in the face. And he said, You are. And so the very next day, that’s when he started doing his thing. And he never came in the office again. And because I’m an executer and I’m really good at that and I’m great at systems and infrastructure, that’s my superpower. And I recognize that. And I recognize that he’s a strategic visionary by having that separation and allowing us to do what we were strongest at, I think, was the catapult to allow us to scale that business specifically.

Joe: And that is such an important thing that you just said, and I think it’s the biggest problem with partnerships and like you said, even though you’re married and you’re also partners in a business, I think I learned this from a couple of restaurant owners that I’m friends with that are no longer in the business together. But just because one of them retired was that they had very strategic like a line in the sand. And this is your side of the room and this is my side of the room. And one of them was all front of house and the other one was all the back and part of it. And it was they never crossed those lines. And I think that’s important to maybe like you said, you make a list of your superpowers and you say, OK, here’s all the things I’m good at. I’m going to take all of that on my shoulders as part of the business. And do you agree or disagree? These are all the things that you’re really good at. You take all those. I think that’s a recipe for success. And it’s so important that you said that. I think that’s missed a lot. Everyone they

Shawn & Lacey: It

Joe: All

Shawn & Lacey: Is.

Joe: It’s just like this is a big pot of soup and everybody wants to stir and you

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah,

Joe: Can.

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah, let me get some

Joe: Yeah,

Shawn & Lacey: Of that you don’t know what you’re getting,

Joe: Yeah,

Shawn & Lacey: Right,

Joe: Yeah.

Shawn & Lacey: And I’ll tell you, Joe, the other thing that we did when we learned that lesson is we translated that into our are the personal side of our life. And so we created very clear lines and roles and things that we do in our household as well, because that that we want that to be just as successful as our businesses. So it’s never a question of who’s doing the laundry or the dishes or responsible for shopping or paying the bills. It’s never like, did you do that? Why didn’t you do that? We know who does what. And that helps actually in that personal side of things as well. And it was just a great lesson to adopt on both ends.

Joe: See, I knew I loved you guys. This

Shawn & Lacey: Gus.

Joe: Is good looking power couple, just I mean, Joel and my life partner were the exact same way. We’ve been together for twenty two years. We we do

Shawn & Lacey: All that.

Joe: Stuff together and we just it’s just a perfect situation. But it takes like anything. All the little stumbles along the way. But you figure it out. But it’s I love that. That’s awesome. And I bet you’re the only person who has the run of the house is Dexter.

Shawn & Lacey: Oh,

Joe: You’re

Shawn & Lacey: My gosh,

Joe: Right. Dexter

Shawn & Lacey: Yes.

Joe: Gets away with anything. Dexter is your

Shawn & Lacey: Well,

Joe: Right.

Shawn & Lacey: How could you tell he’s here, somebody somewhere

Joe: There is.

Shawn & Lacey: He was scratching at the door and I just had to tell texting our team, get the dog. Somebody needs to get the dog.

Joe: That’s

Shawn & Lacey: Yes. Yes, he has the run of the house. I’m sure you could tell.

Joe: Right. That’s awesome. OK, so what’s the time frame when you opened up the second office or you started the franchise, however that happened.

Shawn & Lacey: I’m just going to clarify for you some of these questions, my sense of time, that is my weakness. So if if Laci said it was three years after or said it was three months after, I would agree with either answer. So I’m going to have to if you ask me, how long have you known Laci? I

Joe: I

Shawn & Lacey: Don’t know.

Joe: Am exactly the same way. When did you meet, like where? I don’t remember. Sorry.

Shawn & Lacey: Do you want to know how bad is actually at time that he he thought it was the most brilliant idea and somehow he talked me into it for us to get married on my birthday, which also happens to be New Year’s Eve. So he will never forget the dates on any of those.

Joe: That’s

Shawn & Lacey: Talk

Joe: Not

Shawn & Lacey: About a smart businessman.

Joe: True and that’s not fair. She gets ripped off on two other holidays.

Shawn & Lacey: No, that’s false, and it’s the world’s biggest party on her birthday

Joe: Oh,

Shawn & Lacey: And

Joe: My

Shawn & Lacey: On

Joe: God.

Shawn & Lacey: Our anniversary, it’s the best. So

Joe: Oh, God.

Shawn & Lacey: So two thousand nine is when people started coming and saying, I want to get in on this model.

Joe: And

Shawn & Lacey: And

Joe: I’m

Shawn & Lacey: We had.

Joe: Sorry and I hate to interrupt you, but when you say

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah.

Joe: People because you brought this up a couple of times

Shawn & Lacey: Oh,

Joe: Now,

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah.

Joe: I don’t understand who those people would be. They wouldn’t necessarily be patients. They would be people that are in the chiropractic industry. And they look at you as being, wow, you guys are killing and how do I do that?

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah, and I should probably I think for context, I don’t know if you said it in your in your intro, your story, but when Sean came back from Costa Rica, because literally he was starting over, the first thing he did was take a job at the chiropractic college. I don’t know if we had mentioned

Joe: No.

Shawn & Lacey: That before.

Joe: Ok, perfect.

Shawn & Lacey: And so he was at the chiropractic school and he was teaching chiropractic philosophy. And then he was teaching like the one real business class that they had at the school. And so that gave him exposure to a lot of other chiropractic students, people that were graduating to see and understand the way that he viewed business and what we were trying to do with the specific chiropractic centers. So those are the individuals that said, I want to be part of this. I see the vision. I see where you’re going. I love the model. And early on, we actually had it created as a licensing model. But that just gets a little bit sticky for anybody out there that’s trying to scale in a licensing model. You really have to have ownership, I guess, and all of them. But a true franchise, it takes time, money, energy and a lot of good advice to to create, especially in health care. So we had about six offices that were under the licensing model and we went moved into a legitimate franchise and then grew from there in two thousand and sixteen.

Joe: Ok, and so how many do you have now?

Shawn & Lacey: 13.

Joe: Wow, that’s incredible.

Shawn & Lacey: And they span from we have to in Hawaii and then they go all the way to Tennessee. So far, this

Joe: That’s

Shawn & Lacey: One.

Joe: Incredible.

Shawn & Lacey: No.

Joe: Yeah, you guys are killing it. I love this story, and that’s why I said I was so excited to have you on and I was like, I’m going to need hours to interview these two. There’s just like so many things. OK, so the most important thing, not the most important thing, but one thing I want to touch upon, because there’s I’m sure the people that are listening to this and eventually watching the YouTube version of this are going to say, how do I learn more? That is not going to get covered in the short time that we have together. So you put out a book called None of Your Business in twenty nineteen. And it’s a winning approach to turn service providers into entrepreneurs. And I love that because even when I listen to a little bit of your interview with Steve Sims, it

Shawn & Lacey: You.

Joe: Was it was like it’s more than just providing a service. You are it’s not transactional, right? It’s more of like you’re doing something you’re passionate about. And the ultimate thing at the end is that, you know, you’ve helped somebody. It’s

Shawn & Lacey: Mm

Joe: That

Shawn & Lacey: Hmm.

Joe: To me, that’s what it is for me for sure. With everything that I do, it’s like, how can I help did this? How can I help you, you know, those sort of things. So I feel like that’s the approach that that I get from the both of you and what your book is about. So can you talk a little bit about the book?

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah, the book definitely has more in depth, our story, plus the fundamentals that we teach from from marketing sales mindset, and we’ve had to do a ton of work together as a couple on mindset mindset. You can have all of the right instruction and do all of the right things, but your mindset could blow that. And part of that is exactly what you are talking about. Sometimes service providers shoot themselves in the foot because they want to help a lot of people. And that becomes overwhelming to the point that that desire to serve destroys the business. And so you have a business hand and a service hand. Basically, these two hands are coexisting, but they really can’t meet because they they they are they are the antithesis to the business hands. Like, we have to make money. The service hands, like, well, we should just give it away for free. And so how do you reconcile that and be successful? And ultimately, you know, it all circles back to if you really do have this wonderful service that can change the world, the fuel that makes it go as a successful business in all businesses, every single business in the world, the sole reason for their existence is to make a profit, because if there is no profit in the business can exist and then people can’t be serviced, can’t be helped, can’t be changed, can’t be impacted. And so service providers really have a hard time with that. And so

Joe: Oh,

Shawn & Lacey: That’s why

Joe: Yeah.

Shawn & Lacey: The book. Right. And fundamentally, before we wrote the book, the premise was, is that the world’s greatest service providers in the world live in relative obscurity. We don’t know, you know, and I’m not knocking him. I’ve had the opportunity to meet him. He’s a phenomenal guy. But the world doesn’t know what kind of doctor Dr. Oz is

Joe: The.

Shawn & Lacey: And whether he’s good. But he’s on TV and that makes him, in our eyes, have a degree of reverence for him or belief and credibility in him. But there are people that are phenomenal musicians and artists, practitioners, hairstyles and everything, but nobody knows who they are because they refuse to embrace the business concepts that would bring their message to more people. And so that’s why we wrote the book.

Joe: And you hit on another thing that even at my age, it took me forever to not feel like making money was this dirty thing. Right. And our mutual friend, David Meltzer, he talks about it in such great ways that he expresses how you’ve got to help yourself so you can then help others. Right. You have to make sure that you and then your family and it’s just changing. That whole dynamic of making money is not an awful thing and not a dirty thing. And just it I don’t know. It’s it’s such a it was such a struggle for so long. I just I felt like, yeah. Let’s just give it away. Like, I’ll do this for pennies. I just want you to be happy and I can’t it’s not sustainable.

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah, you can’t give what you don’t have.

Joe: Yeah.

Shawn & Lacey: I mean, and that’s a lesson that we’ve learned many times over. I mean, you can’t you can’t serve out of abundance if you don’t have abundance. I mean, it’s very difficult. And that’s the best way to reach a lot of people and make a bigger impact as to be is to be financially stable or financially full because it allows you to go out there and do the things that you need to do in order to reach them. And so that’s what we that’s our passion is to help service entrepreneurs to really fall in love with that idea so that they can not only touch the people and help the people that they’re trying to serve, but that so they can get out of it the life that they desire to

Joe: Yeah,

Shawn & Lacey: Write because

Joe: Yeah,

Shawn & Lacey: They deserve it.

Joe: Yeah,

Shawn & Lacey: So,

Joe: Yeah, and

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah.

Joe: Yeah, that’s it, they deserve it, it’s people

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah.

Joe: Don’t think they deserve to have this success and

Shawn & Lacey: Right.

Joe: Whether it’s business or financial or family or whatever it might be, it’s it’s amazing. The specific dotcom is all about the chiropractic offices and all of this is the franchise piece of that. Is that

Shawn & Lacey: The

Joe: Correct? OK, great.

Shawn & Lacey: Correct.

Joe: So we’ve already talked about that. So then we have this is where it gets complicated. And this might just be because you had certain websites before the websites and then you kept so you have you have one in together, right. So you have Sean and Lacy Dotcom and

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah.

Joe: Then you have Sean del Dotcom. And then on top

Shawn & Lacey: There’s

Joe: Of

Shawn & Lacey: Also

Joe: That.

Shawn & Lacey: Makes it look like we need to

Joe: Oh

Shawn & Lacey: Clean all

Joe: Yes.

Shawn & Lacey: These up, no.

Joe: So it’s just so and at the end I’m going to do this and all the show notes and everybody will know where to find you everywhere. So it won’t matter. But so is it important to talk about Sean and Lacey Dotcom and Sean Del Dotcom at this point, or is it better to talk about the Black Diamond Club dotcom?

Shawn & Lacey: Like Diamond Club Dotcom.

Joe: I mean, we could talk about it all, I just don’t I

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah, no.

Joe: We only have a little bit more time, but I want to make sure we get through everything and I want to also make sure that we promote the August event coming up in Carmel, Indiana. So let’s talk about Black Diamond Club, because that’ll segway into what you’re

Shawn & Lacey: Hmm.

Joe: Doing with that organization, the events that you have and all of that.

Shawn & Lacey: Yes, a black diamond club is the place where service entrepreneurs go to receive instruction or marketing sales mindset. But I think more importantly, support and accountability. Six hundred and twenty plus service providers that are all there sharing best practices. One of the things that people always talk about that the fast food drive thru concept is not a restaurant concept. It’s a banking concept. Banks really don’t. Few banks have that little tube thing that goes back and forth. But they were the ones that introduced this banking from your car, the restaurant industry. It was a swipe and deploy like that’s genius. Can we put it in our and McDonald’s and then they don’t have to get out of their car and come in. And I always say, like, think about how much you could learn if you weren’t just surrounded by people in your industry like you. You found out what other industries were doing well. And then you actually thought about how can you apply that into your industry? And that’s really what Black Diamond Club is about, is looking at what’s working in the world. You know, e commerce. We don’t sell things.

Shawn & Lacey: We sell a service. But still, you know, people in e commerce, they really get social media, advertising, Legian, they get email, follow ups, they understand retention. So if you are looking at how can I improve that, maybe it would be worthwhile looking at things that they were doing. And that’s what Black Diamond Club really, really is all about. It’s a great place. Never will you be talked down to, never will you be looked down upon. But also, I think really important. It’s a place where you can come and also say, hey, guys, I had my biggest month. I collected two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in revenue this month and everybody will celebrate you as well. That’s part of that, too, is we don’t know when you’re saying, like, the mindset around money. Oftentimes we’re afraid to tell people how well we’re doing because we don’t want to be shot down, especially by someone that we hold in high regard or that is close to us. So we’ve tried to create a community where we can foster that high energy and help service professionals to to go out and reach more people.

Joe: Ok, so you have the specific and you have this chiropractic franchise and you’re building this amazing business. When do you decide that? Wait a second. This is something that is goes well beyond chiropractic and chiropractic offices. You are building a model of success. So all of a sudden, one night you’re sitting down at dinner and a glass of wine and you go, hey, wait a second. We’re once again, we need to expand our mind and say, this is this is too narrow. Obviously, we’re helping all of these chiropractors build successful businesses and being part of our franchise. But we can actually take this a step further. We can create a black diamond club that actually works with all forms of entrepreneurs. So is that sort of how this came about?

Shawn & Lacey: Well, I wish it was that easy or simple, but I like the glass, I

Joe: See how I put

Shawn & Lacey: Use that

Joe: I

Shawn & Lacey: Now.

Joe: Put

Shawn & Lacey: Why

Joe: All

Shawn & Lacey: Didn’t

Joe: Those

Shawn & Lacey: We

Joe: Words

Shawn & Lacey: Have wine?

Joe: In?

Shawn & Lacey: I think I think first and foremost, from very early on, like all of the business principles that Sean taught were not, you know, from the old ways of chiropractic thinking, it wasn’t from our profession and from our industry. In fact, very early on in our relationship, when we were still struggling financially, he wanted to hire a business coach and he had been teaching out of Michael Sportsbook yourself solid book for many years to all of the chiropractic students in learning how to build community and really attract their ideal client. And so he came to me one time and again in my mentality, I was like, there’s no way we’re ever going to be able to afford that. We can’t we can’t handle that. And he said we’ll figure it out. The money will come. And we figured it out. And Shawn was able to become a book yourself, solid certified coach. And that was kind of the first movement in going, man, this stuff that’s outside of our profession, in our industry translates really well into what we do. But, hey, business concepts are business concepts and they actually translate into any profession. So we always had those thoughts. But really the story goes that there was another individual, another group in chiropractic that was very negative, that based on people that talked down to people that didn’t support their individuals that were in the group. And one day Shawn was just like, we’re just going to create the exact opposite of that, the exact opposite of that. And that’s what we did. And that’s how Black Diamond Club in a nutshell, got started. And we want it to be everything. That group was not so that people could have a place to go, where they could grow, reach more people, be supported and not be ashamed.

Joe: That’s great. When did you start, like nine o’clock?

Shawn & Lacey: Twenty sixteen.

Joe: Wow, so you’re

Shawn & Lacey: Hmm.

Joe: Already busy and you just said, let’s the heck with it, let’s tax something else on the plate.

Shawn & Lacey: It was a need and, you know, if you listen to the people, they’ll tell you what they need

Joe: Yeah.

Shawn & Lacey: And if you have the skill set to fill that gap, then you should. And that’s what we did.

Joe: Perfect. How about tell us about the summercamp twenty twenty one that’s coming up on the 13th and 14th of August in Carmel, Indiana.

Shawn & Lacey: Well, this is edition number five of Summercamp, it was started by our good friend Tristan Qof. He had created this event separate from us that had nothing to do with us. And he wanted to create an event that brought together chiropractor’s and expose them to entrepreneurs, which really fits our brand. But that was an idea that he had birthed. The very first edition was held in Las Vegas and the keynote speaker was Grant Kardon. And a

Joe: Well.

Shawn & Lacey: Lot of people were like, oh, wow, how did you get greencard on? The second edition had a stellar lineup. Brian Tracy was one of the keynotes, had multiple keynotes. Tom, Billu was there. I mean, it was it was an all star lineup. It was starting to grow. And Tristin at that point was a one man show. And so we saw his his his struggles in trying to run around and put on events of that caliber. And we were like, hey, Lacey really gets scale and process and organization and we could really help you. And so he was like, look, why don’t you just acquire me? So we acquired the company and we kept Tristant on. And then we did audition number three in Miami with DJ Abraham. Roger Stone spoke

Joe: Resum,

Shawn & Lacey: At that one. Also, Roger Love,

Joe: Yeah.

Shawn & Lacey: Audition number four last year, right in the middle of the pandemic in person, we had Jordan Belfort and Eric Thomas headline. And then this year we’re celebrating our fifth year. Carmel, Indiana’s just north of Indianapolis, just just north of Indianapolis. We have David Meltzer. We have Patrick. But David, who’s all over the news right now with this Trump and Obama debate, we have Steve Simms’s speaking, Chris Winfield, Jen Gottlieb, John, ruling from Gift. This the super

Joe: Well.

Shawn & Lacey: Pac lineup. It is all about helping service providers. These are these are speakers that normally you would hear at an entrepreneurial

Joe: Mm hmm.

Shawn & Lacey: Conference. But it’s it’s helping expose service providers to these concepts and helping them understand how to apply them in their business so that they can reach even more people.

Joe: That’s incredible. I have no idea what the cost of this thing is, but just the fact that David Meltzer is there.

Shawn & Lacey: I

Joe: I

Shawn & Lacey: Had.

Joe: Had the opportunity to spend a full day with him in his office in California. Joellen and I went out and literally shadowed him from nine o’clock in the morning. And then later on, we had drinks that night and met his wife. And it was just the most incredible thing. And that the positivity that comes from him and

Shawn & Lacey: Yes.

Joe: It’s just amazing. So that alone is I don’t even know what what it cost, but that alone is worth the price of admission, just that alone.

Shawn & Lacey: Well, I’m going to throw in there I don’t I don’t even have a link to this, but one of the things that we’ll be putting out here in the back half of the year, so if people plug in with Laci and and social media, we are we are collaborating with David and we are putting on a two two day, three night mastermind on a private island in the Caribbean in December. So it’ll be myself and Laci and David Meltzer trapped on a private island. So that’s great. You’ll have us locked there to be able to help you to ask any questions. I mean, probably Laci mostly just being having cocktails. I’m sure David will be happy for everybody’s going to want so when he’s there. But that’s something we’re super excited about, being able to collaborate with him. And he’s just like you said, and one day imagine two days

Joe: It’s.

Shawn & Lacey: And imagine, you know, your dinner is together. Yeah. You’re doing everything together. So we’re super excited about that. And we’ll have information out about that very soon.

Joe: That’s cool, because we Joellen and I like to go away during the summer because we don’t really have family here in

Shawn & Lacey: Oh.

Joe: Phoenix, Arizona, so, hey,

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah.

Joe: Maybe you’ll get stuck with us for that trip.

Shawn & Lacey: I would love

Joe: All

Shawn & Lacey: That

Joe: Right,

Shawn & Lacey: Would not

Joe: Cool.

Shawn & Lacey: Be a bad thing.

Joe: No, not to be awesome. Yeah, I’m sorry. I actually missed you guys. You were here in Phoenix in March, right?

Shawn & Lacey: Yep.

Joe: You ran an event here. So you.

Shawn & Lacey: That was our first time in Phoenix in a long time.

Joe: Oh,

Shawn & Lacey: Yeah,

Joe: Yeah.

Shawn & Lacey: We do we do three events a year. We do one on marketing, one on sales, and then one around money mindset. And we typically like to kind of move them throughout the country because we’ve got clients

Joe: Sure.

Shawn & Lacey: From coast to coast. So Phoenix, that’s where we were doing our Money Mindset workshop.

Joe: Now, let’s

Shawn & Lacey: And

Joe: Call.

Shawn & Lacey: We shout out to Phoenix, you guys really had it together. It wasn’t super restrictive. We have been very pro keeping our events going during this time. And Phoenix was very cooperative. We had a really good time there. So

Joe: Yeah,

Shawn & Lacey: It really sounds like a great place to be.

Joe: It is, but we they get in trouble because there they are a little overzealous when the data is said, take your mask off. And I went to the

Shawn & Lacey: Well.

Joe: Gym and I got a lifetime, literally. I walked in. Not one person that I’m

Shawn & Lacey: Yes.

Joe: Like, there’s there’s no on ramp, folks. What’s going on? It was ridiculous. I was like, you’re telling

Shawn & Lacey: That’s

Joe: Me,

Shawn & Lacey: Funny.

Joe: Oh, is there anything else that I missed? What’s the best place to get in touch with the both of you or the specific or Black Diamond Club? And again, I’ll put it all in the show notes. But do either of you like people to reach out on Instagram, any of that stuff? What works for you?

Shawn & Lacey: Social media is great, you can reach me and Sean Black Diamond Club dot com, that’s my email. Yeah, basically we try to be here’s one thing that I’ve learned is that as I’ve been around more successful people. You mentioned

Joe: David

Shawn & Lacey: David Meltzer.

Joe: Is.

Shawn & Lacey: I specifically asked him, I was like, you’re giving your personal email out all the time, all over the place, national television. You don’t care. How does that work? And I just found, like, super successful people are hyper responsive. That’s why they’re that’s why they’re successful. And so this is me getting over that. I’m giving my personal email shonen at Black Diamond Club dot com. Yeah. Hit me up. And if there’s any way that I can provide value to your life, I will be more than happy to do that. I’m usually I usually like maybe once or twice a year, send out an email to just saying, you know, tell me what I can do for you if I can do it within reason and on this day I will comply. So likewise, if it’s an within reason and I can get it done quickly, I can’t take on a project, but if I can get it done quickly, make the ask, I’d be happy to help. And we’re on all the social media platforms. Sean Delisi book. I bet you could guess my email address. COVID-19 Club dot com super easy. And if you want any more information, Black Diamond Club dot com is the best place to find about all the things we’re doing.

Joe: That’s perfect. One question I didn’t ask during the book conversation was I know authors when they write a book, they say it’s a struggle like it’s a hard thing to do. It’s not as easy as people think. How how easy was it or hard with two of you writing the same book and and how did you figure out who’s writing what? Or did you just sit down together? It’s just something that came to my brain that I wanted to ask that question.

Shawn & Lacey: I’m going to shameless plug, and if I can help you, although you’re very well established, you don’t need my help. Tucker Max from Scribe,

Joe: Oh, yeah, I know, yeah.

Shawn & Lacey: That’s all. So that’s how we do. The book is a chain of the chain of command on this was Abraham sat us down in his office and said, you need to write a book. And I was like, I was like, no, it sounds like a terrible idea. And he was like, well, there’s a lot of ways to write a book. We were introduced to Tucker by Tristan Sharp, who I mentioned earlier. We hit it off. Tucker was like, let’s just get this book done in the process with Scribe is painless. I mean, they really do have it down. People that read that book after knowing me, they say it’s kind of you get to pick, but the book is written in my voice. And so people are like, yeah, I can hear you. It’s we don’t have an audio book. If we did, I would probably be the one that reads the book. But super simple. We just collaborate on our ideas. You meet with the scribe people, they get the thoughts out of your collector right out,

Joe: Yeah.

Shawn & Lacey: Put it on the paper and write it. I highly recommend if you have a book in, you use Scribe. Yeah, well worth the money because you’ll just it just amplifies your voice again.

Joe: Yeah, that’s great. It’s so funny, I know Tucker’s program, and I actually I think I started doing it and I was like, do I really have a book? I mean, so who

Shawn & Lacey: You

Joe: Knows?

Shawn & Lacey: Do you do an.

Joe: Is there anything else that I missed that you wanted to speak about before I let you go?

Shawn & Lacey: Not me, I think you did a great job, Harry. A lot

Joe: All right, well, cool.

Shawn & Lacey: A lot of real estate.

Joe: I was it’s you you are both very busy, so I was very nervous. I got so many things I want to ask and we’ll probably have to do this again because there’s there’s

Shawn & Lacey: Oh.

Joe: There’s more. But thank you. Thank you both so much. I really appreciate you being on the podcast. I want that event in August to have a bunch of my listeners hopefully show up. So thank you again. I really appreciate it. And I wish you both all the success in the world.

Shawn & Lacey: Thank you. Thank you for having us. If your listeners show up, we promise that we will make them feel right at home.

Joe: Perfect. Thank you so much.

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