Josh Carey – Co-founder of

My conversation today is with Josh Carey, co-founder of, an event that happens about every 6 weeks where business people and/or entrepreneurs are matched up with podcast hosts where they do 3 interviews in one day while also attending an event where there is networking, education and keynote speakers.

Josh explains in this interview how this event that they hold quite frequently, is like speed dating for podcast guests and hosts alike.

It’s an efficient way for hosts to get 3 interviews in the can in one day and for business people and/or enterpreneurs,to get out there and promote themselves, their businesses and tell their story 3 times in one day on 3 different podcasts.

This is an interesting interview with Josh as he shares his own journey to exposing himself and his talents and now helping others to do the same.

As always, thanks for listening!


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Josh Carey

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Joe: Hey, Josh, welcome to the show. I’m very excited to have you.

Josh: Likewise, Joe. Pleasure to be here. Thanks.

Joe: Yeah, so this obviously as a podcast or this hits home for me, having someone unlike you that has this this business, if you will, called Pod Max. Right. I guess it’s it’s also an event. Right. So I need you’re going to help me understand

Josh: Yeah,

Joe: It.

Josh: I shall.

Joe: I’ve watched a bunch of different videos and I watched the testimonial video, but I still want clarification. I think you hit it on the head when you said it’s like speed dating for podcasters. And that was

Josh: Hmm.

Joe: That totally was a very clear thing for me. At least brought me to a point where I said, oh, this is really sort of different, but this is what I do with all my guests. So you’ll have to you’ll have to suffer through this part.

Josh: I shall suffer.

Joe: We because my audience is mainly entrepreneurs and it’s it’s me trying to help educate

Josh: Mm hmm.

Joe: Them as much as possible. I always like them to know the back story of my guests. I want to know

Josh: Hmm.

Joe: Where you came from, where you came from as far back as you want to go, because it doesn’t

Josh: Mm

Joe: It

Josh: Hmm.

Joe: Doesn’t matter to me. It’s exciting to figure out the how you develop to who you are today and how you are doing what you’re doing today and what was all in between to make this happen. And then from there, we’ll get into the depths of tiebacks.

Josh: I love it. I shall take you down that journey, then

Joe: Perfect.

Josh: We’ll start we’ll start with Current Day. Today, I’m known as the Hidden Entrepreneur, and that’s because I spent 40 plus years of my life hiding. I literally showed up in every situation, hiding all of my true talent and ability. Everything that I was really capable of doing remained hidden because I was so desperate to seek the approval of others. Now, what really sucked about this is behind closed doors. I knew darn well what I was capable of doing. So this created a lot of anger, frustration, resentment, jealousy, all that stuff. And the bigger thing is that not only did I want to seek your approval, I was scared so much by the fact that if I were to come forward with something quite good, right. Impressive, even in any regard, you might feel so insecure about your accomplishments and talent and scale, what you may or may not be doing. Right, because we’re all just a mirror and a reflection of each other that what it might make you a little upset by what you’re seeing and then you might retaliate against me in some form. And I knew my whole life that I just didn’t feel strong enough to stick up and stand up for myself.

Josh: So all of that made for this recipe of living life that way cut to today. I’m the proud father of two adoring children. I have an eight year old daughter, a six year old son who are my absolute everything. I love playing the role of father. I love being their dad. And early on in their young lives, I realize that I see what’s happening here. I’m the child in this circle and I’m the one who has work to do. So I said, guys, keep doing what you’re doing. I get it. I can’t continue to be this miserable kind of person and have them watch me that way their whole lives. It wouldn’t end well. And fast forwarding to, you know, seeing an empty nester. Now, if I was 20 years down the road and they just grew up with that type of father, they’d naturally become that type of person. And in that scenario, there’d be nothing I can do and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. So I said, that’s all I need to say. Right. I’m

Joe: Yeah.

Josh: Going to make them prouder. I’m going to make me proud or I’m going to do what needs to happen. And I started just taking inventory, replacing some of my bad non serving habits with slightly better ones and slowly but surely seeing the positive result in effect of that. And here we are. I just keep stacking those on each other and I’ve come a long way and still have a long way to go. But I’m very happy and proud with where I am today.

Joe: And so what did you do in your past life, let’s say that you’re now doing what you do. I mean, what was your what was all these things you were doing while you’re hiding from the world?

Josh: So I got in in eighth grade, I got bit by the acting bug, right? I found that in there was a school audition taking place and I felt like I should audition to see what this was about. And I did. And it was a a drug awareness program, whatever it was. And I got a cast as the comic relief of all things. So I was bumbling around on stage and hundreds of my right, hundreds of my classmates were laughing at me from what I was doing on stage. Now, I knew that they were in fact laughing at me. Right. They weren’t laughing with me, but I was I was OK with that because I was getting the attention I was so desperately seeking. So I thought, wow, I will continue to seek out this attention, hopefully thinking this is what I need to fill this emotional void. Right. This external approval is exactly what I need now. Doesn’t work that way. It took me a few decades to realize that, but I set out on a path to become an actor and said, I’m going to dedicate my life to this because if I could just get this daily, my life sucked. So I pursued that dream. I wound up spending 15 years in New York as a working actor and filmmaker. Great credits, wonderful era of my life. But again, it didn’t really, you know, fill the void. You know, when the curtain comes down, I’m still miserable and alone in the corner, often crying and trying to figure out where my life went so wrong.

Josh: So I did that for a while. I had some, you know, day jobs to pay the bills. I taught myself webdesign to keep myself busy when the Internet started rising up in the nineties. And slowly but surely, I just became somewhat of an entrepreneur, not realizing at the time that that’s what it was. But I was just trying to make ends meet while I was pursuing my passion. And then I found myself running my own digital marketing agency where I was building websites for an industry and all this stuff. Ten years later, this industry became just like any other toxic relationship we might find ourselves in personally. But this was my business and the industry taking full responsibility. It was on me because I was showing up that way, which is why I was attracting those very people. So I knew that something needed to change. This correlated with the time where me and my children had the talk, where I was the child, and I said, I get it. I know it has to be done. This relationship with the industry and my my work here, it can’t continue. It’s part of the problem. Let me rip the Band-Aid off. I said I don’t know what’s next, but I’m going to seek something. I’m going to figure it out. And just like if you’re in a bad relationship, you don’t necessarily wait until you have another relationship.

Josh: You get out and figure it out. And that’s what I did. I got out. I said, let me take a few months. Let me take some time, figure out what I want to do, where I want to go and be true to myself for one of the first times in my life. And I said podcasting. I think I felt that I would be good at it and I would enjoy it. And it would create opportunity and I would connect with people because, God, that’s all I ever wanted in my life. I said, well, if I do it honestly and authentically, I might finally attract the right kind of people instead of attracting the miserable and getting what I don’t want because you focus on it. So I created a brand called The Hidden Entrepreneur and then became that became the podcast. And I started interviewing people. And slowly but surely I started feeling good about it and getting a good response. And it just kept building the confidence. And I was told I was half decent and I certainly started feeling that way, still replacing a lot of my bad habits with better ones, trying to live wonderfully for my children. It all came together. And now here we are. I’m doing some some some really interesting things in the podcast space because of those moments that that got me here.

Joe: Right. And that’s what’s important. That’s why I wanted to ask, because, you know, as much as everyone can say, their life went on a certain path and certain things did not go right

Josh: Uh.

Joe: Or whatever, they all build the person you are today. And so I think probably whatever you’re doing with Pod Max now, you’re leaning on some of your marketing and, you know,

Josh: Exactly.

Joe: Your and all the stuff that you did earlier in

Josh: All

Joe: Your entrepreneurial

Josh: Of it.

Joe: Life. Right. So it’s like you can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. That’s this. This is all created to help to create who you are now, to make this next portion of your life excel even more.

Josh: Sometimes in the moment, we don’t and can’t recognize that a lot of acts in retrospect that the game is being able in real time when there’s a little bit of a glitch or a detour that you’re forced to take or something that’s happening that you didn’t quite see coming wasn’t as you planned. You have to realize, wow, this is probably going to work out for the best. And as you’re seeing everything I’ve spelled out, even my acting and film days to this very moment, I pull a lot from those days how to how to communicate, how to perform, how to create, how to talk on the mic, how to write. All of that is acting and film. And then, like you said, the marketing from the digital marketing, knowing what you don’t want on a grand scale to know exactly what you do want. It’s all relevant and quite perfect.

Joe: Yeah, and it’s funny, and you gave it away already, but I was going to ask you where you from? And I was like, he’s got to be from New York. I can recognize and I’m from New York. So he’s like, he’s got to be from New York. And then you said it. You’re like.

Josh: What did I say, oh, that I spent time there

Joe: Yeah,

Josh: In New York.

Joe: Yeah, and so did I and I and my background is I went to school for music and I

Josh: Yeah.

Joe: And I landed in New York. I lived two hours north of the city where I grew up. But then I landed

Josh: Mayor.

Joe: In New York as to be my big time career break

Josh: As

Joe: In.

Josh: A drummer,

Joe: Yeah,

Josh: Yeah.

Joe: Right. And so and at the same time, we all have to go find jobs. And then and then you sort of get steered off a path because you start making money and going, OK, how much do I want to suffer living in this one bedroom apartment and eating mac and cheese every night where

Josh: True.

Joe: It’s just whatever, whatever developed over that time. But we had the same sort of path. So it’s

Josh: Yeah.

Joe: Interesting to hear your story.

Josh: Mm hmm.

Joe: Ok, so you started podcasting and you have a podcast called The Hidden Entrepreneur. How did you make the jump from that to come to being the coach? When I heard you say you’re actually a co-founder of God Macs. So where did this idea come from? How did we get to where we are today with that?

Josh: In twenty eighteen is when I created The Hidden Entrepreneur Show, and it’s still running strong today, over 200 episodes and I in the summer of 2019, I had the opportunity to record episodes of my show at an event. And one of the one of the people that I was interviewing didn’t know him prior to this event was Eric Cabral, who’s now my co founding partner in Pod Max. I interviewed him for my show and we hit it off and we connected. And after the interview, he said, you know, we’re both from Jersey. I have. Which is where I live

Joe: Mm

Josh: Now.

Joe: Hmm.

Josh: He said, I have a I have a studio in in Jersey. Once you come out and check it out one day and, you know, we’ll see we’ll see what’s possible. And I said, OK. And then it turns out I never left. Now, what I like to point out is that what what I did just, you know, basically, yes. By design, but subconsciously during that first interview where he was on my show when we didn’t know each other prior, was I was already leaning into my full potential, which was quite different from what I did the first 40 plus years of my life, where I spoke about I showed up really small, didn’t want to rock the boat, didn’t want to make you feel insecure. So I just took a back seat. But then in twenty eighteen, I started figuring out how can I come to the table with the ability that again, I’ve always known darn well I’m more than capable of doing. And really I believe we’re all in that same boat. We all know what we are capable of doing. We just adjust and alter that for so many reasons inappropriately, so more often than not. So I said, I’m going to just start coming out, you know, strongly with what I’m capable of and miraculously, quote unquote, I started attracting the very people who understood that, who liked it, who appreciated it, respected it. Ironically, all the things I wanted my whole life,

Joe: Mm

Josh: Just

Joe: Hmm.

Josh: Somebody to appreciate me. How can anybody appreciate when you’re being, you know, a weak man,

Joe: Yeah.

Josh: Which I was. So I thought that if I were to come out powerfully doing what I’m capable of, everybody is going to retaliate against me. And oh, no, I don’t even see those people. I only see people like you, like Eric, like people who are like, wow, you know, like attracts like, of

Joe: Mm

Josh: Course.

Joe: Hmm.

Josh: So that’s that’s the amazing thing. So all that to say, I was already able to do what I was doing to get in front of somebody like Eric, for him to recognize something within me because I had already appeared that way. So you have to sort of do the work first instead of like me hoping that somebody can see a glimmer of potential in me and then anoint me capable and relevant to the masses. You know, that doesn’t happen.

Joe: Right.

Josh: So it only happens when you are first putting it out there to attract the good back. So Eric and I started talking and hanging out and we had a very similar vibe and connection, a lot of similar goals. He also came from the podcast space. He has and had his own show. And we just started talking about this idea Pod Max, which started in person in twenty nineteen. It started as a live in person event. We had the studio in North Jersey where we figured we do this one day kind of hybrid event where it’s part conference, part workshop and part podcast recordings. So we set up makeshift like a dozen different studios like like little mini areas where hosts can record with guests. And we invited about a dozen show hosts in, sold tickets to the event to high level entrepreneurs and thought leaders who wanted to get their message out by recording on shows we would match them. Thus the speed dating for the podcast industry. And over the course of that day, each hour they would rotate into a new studio area and record as a guest on a different show. And in between those recordings, we would provide a catered lunch, we would provide networking, we would provide training and education, and we would provide a high level keynote. So we had the conference, the workshop feel the retreat and the podcast recordings. We did that a few times and then twenty twenty happened. So we’re like, OK, well this is crazy because we’re a live events company. What happens now? We had no idea, so he said, can this work virtually? There was only one way to find out. We took that agenda, that format. We sort of reworked what needed to be worked into a virtual format. And since May of 20, 20, which was our first pod, Max Virtual, we’ve never looked back. We’re about to do our 14th 14th virtual event in August. And it’s you know, it’s one of those things that we we couldn’t have seen that coming. Right. We wouldn’t

Joe: Yep,

Josh: Have even looked virtual.

Joe: Correct.

Josh: So so now it’s an eight hour event, which people who don’t really know our style will say eight hours virtual. That’s crazy. But we hear all the time that it flies by because we’ve sort of been able to really hone in on making all of those minutes per hour the best they can be.

Joe: Right.

Josh: And then the entrepreneurs get to record still on multiple shows. We have a keynote. We have training and education. So we know prior to the event we work with the thought leaders to help them further identify, practice and fine tune their message. So when they get to the recording, they feel confident and ready to go.

Joe: It’s so cool, so how many of these do you do?

Josh: We do them about every six weeks.

Joe: Wow, and how

Josh: Yeah.

Joe: Did you figure out the logistics, like I attended a couple virtual conferences and logistically it’s very cool because you you don’t really miss anything because a lot of stuff is is recorded to playback later and you’re not wasting a lot of time on a showroom floor. You’re going exactly what you want

Josh: Exactly.

Joe: Without having to walk around it. But how did you guys figure that out?

Josh: Well, it came from the live, and then we we sort of transferred that virtually and we fill the eight hours, it’s single track, right, to everybody’s in the room going to the same places,

Joe: Ok,

Josh: Doing the same things.

Joe: Ok,

Josh: Yeah,

Joe: And

Josh: It.

Joe: What’s the number of attendees that you’ve gotten up to?

Josh: We get about 50.

Joe: That’s amazing.

Josh: Now.

Joe: It’s really cool, and I wasn’t sure when so when when we talked about this being sort of like the speed dating for podcasting, there’s a lot of podcasters out there who either are looking for gas or they want to be guest on podcast. And

Josh: Mm hmm.

Joe: I think they need to understand how iPod, Max, differs from those services that are out there, whether it’s someone you get this connection with someone and they start feeding you gas or

Josh: Yeah.

Joe: You get this connection with someone and they keep putting you on different podcasts.

Josh: Mm hmm.

Joe: I think the important thing is that as a podcast for myself, I get I

Josh: All

Joe: Haven’t

Josh: The

Joe: Been

Josh: Time.

Joe: On a podcast, which is kind of funny, but I haven’t.

Josh: Wow.

Joe: But I get a lot of requests either from an agency that that

Josh: Mm hmm.

Joe: Said, hey, we want to work with you with really great guests or just people that find my podcasts and reach out and say, hey, I think you would really like this person. And I have to sort of filter through

Josh: Yeah.

Joe: What I think fits my audience. I’m not going to accept everyone because

Josh: That’s right.

Joe: It’s not fair to the listeners.

Josh: Mm

Joe: It’s

Josh: Hmm.

Joe: A selfish endeavor for me. And you kind of hit upon it yourself. It makes it allows me to connect with people like you. It allows me to learn so much. But at the same time, I need to make sure that I’m servicing my audience and educating them on what they came here in the first place to see.

Josh: That’s right.

Joe: So when you do iPod, Max, how do you do this matchmaking? How do you figure out that this guest is going to go and sit with this person and do recording and it fits the mold of their podcast or they’re the right person? How does that all happen?

Josh: Well, we’ve been lucky enough to do it for a while, and we have a lot turned out to be a core group of show hosts, like the vast majority of the show hosts return over and over again.

Joe: Ok.

Josh: Why? There’s a lot of winwin. There’s a lot of benefit. It’s really cool for them to get to record three episodes in one day

Joe: Mm hmm.

Josh: In three different hours, which is a great thing. They also get to network with a lot of high level entrepreneurs and the other show hosts. They get to be right in the room with. We bring three now virtually we bring three keynotes in at a very high level of keynote. So they get to leverage that relationship off. Often they’ll reach out to the keynote and then welcome them on their show. So it’s just a really great vibe. There’s a lot of a lot of personal growth and development built in to the day that you almost don’t see coming until you’re on the back end of it and you’re like, oh, my gosh, it’s just amazing. So they keep returning and through that then they become like family, right?

Joe: Mm

Josh: Like

Joe: Hmm.

Josh: At every event, the chats, everybody’s just excited to see each other again. And it’s sort of like old home week. So to answer your question, we’ve gotten to really know a good core group of the show hosts, knowing who they are, what their businesses are, what their shows are, what their goals are. And with that, we can then do our job. That takes a lot of the matching difficulty out because we know exactly who’s coming through that they’d be perfectly matched for and because of the reputation where we’ve done such a good job prepping the entrepreneurs and attracting the right level of entrepreneurs and training them. Well, we hear all the time from the hosts that they don’t even they don’t even worry who they’re going to be matched with.

Joe: Right.

Josh: You know, the week prior, you get you know, you get all the contact and bio information, but they’re like, I don’t even need to worry because I know whoever comes through, whoever you match me time and time again is going to be a home run. So then we we ask the entrepreneur coming through to fill out a somewhat detailed, extensive profile so we get to know them so we can properly match them. Then we just take the two sides and we have a few team members who are specifically dedicated to the matchmaking process because it’s you know, it’s got to be done right, takes a little bit of time, but we do it and then everybody seems to be happy on the other side of it.

Joe: That’s really cool, so when I saw on the website there was a apply to be a host,

Josh: Mm hmm. Mm

Joe: Correct?

Josh: Hmm. Mm hmm.

Joe: Is that the is that where the people that are going to do these interviews go to become part of TotEx?

Josh: Correct,

Joe: Ok.

Josh: We’re always, always open to meeting new potential show hosts for our event. Basically, you fill that out and the most important thing is we have to make sure because we we can’t anticipate prior who’s going to come through the event. But generally, our show hosts fill a category that can be broad enough in nature where it’s an entrepreneur, it’s a business show, it’s about success, struggles, failures, life stories, growth mindset, that whole concept. A lot of categories fit into that. So as long as you’re as long as you could, as long as you welcome guests that fit that, we could most likely start the conversation. And then we have a few other criteria just to make sure that you’re relevant to to our whole brand and audience.

Joe: So that was you actually hit upon one of my questions, which was what is the variety of hopes that you have at Cognex? Like, I would just give you an example off the top of my head. Would you

Josh: Mm hmm.

Joe: Ever have a. And it sounds like no, the answer is no based on what you just gave me, but that you at this moment there, it’s more about entrepreneurial stuff. It’s about success. It’s about business. It’s about things like that’s not like you have one of these host who has a cooking podcast.

Josh: It’s so funny because

Joe: Ok.

Josh: To know well, yesterday, in fact, it’s very strange you said cooking because yesterday a show we received an application from a potential new show host and it was, in fact, a cooking podcast.

Joe: Unbelievable.

Josh: That’s the most yeah, it’s the most amazing thing. But I think that to his credit, I think that there was an entrepreneurial spin. Like it’s like he says like like I’ll welcome chefs and cooks and entrepreneurs. I don’t know. So

Joe: Restaurant

Josh: So there was

Joe: Owners

Josh: I mean.

Joe: Were

Josh: Yeah,

Joe: Given

Josh: Now

Joe: A.

Josh: Now something like that is going to be a little too niche for us because we can’t fulfill. Right.

Joe: Yeah.

Josh: We don’t get that kind of people,

Joe: Now.

Josh: But we are we do have the in the near future, we’re going to start niching these out like pod max invest. Right.

Joe: Oh,

Josh: And then

Joe: Cool.

Josh: Every show is about investing in real estate and whatever. And then the people who come through or their pod max health and wellness. And then every show is that and then the audience supports that. But right now it’s the first thing. It’s entrepreneurial, it’s business, it’s growth, it’s success. It’s a life story. It’s struggles, wins, failures, which we find a lot of people, even if they fit a specific niche, we help them extract. Let’s get your life story out. And that’s in. That’s how we work with them prior to the event, to really fit a bigger a bigger audience here.

Joe: Yeah, it’s funny because my life partner, Joellen, and I have a YouTube channel that kind of morphed, we started it when covid hit and it sort of morphed over the year to now be really concentrated on travel. Our goal is to eventually have that the you know,

Josh: A

Joe: We’re

Josh: Travel log.

Joe: Not young, so we’re trying to inspire people of our age to go out and just do whatever you want to do and what’s what’s your excuse? Right. So we were talking about how some of these YouTube channels are lucky because they are they deal with things that are very current. So these guys that have these Krypto YouTube channels, they can’t get out videos fast enough because that things

Josh: Mm.

Joe: Are changing so quickly. So it’d be interesting if you have a crypto pod, Max, someday and

Josh: That’s

Joe: You could

Josh: Right.

Joe: Have like 12 crypto experts or I mean host

Josh: Yeah.

Joe: Having these people on because it’s this new frontier. It’s just crazy. But it’s true that the things that are current, it’s easy for those people. That’s not so easy for people like us who are just in the trenches every day.

Josh: Yes.

Joe: But we’re in New Jersey. Did you hold this just because. My own curiosity, because I live there as well.

Josh: Trenton.

Joe: Trenton OK, OK. I lived in Montclair, Upper Montclair,

Josh: Oh.

Joe: West Orange, even Newark,

Josh: Of course,

Joe: Even Newark

Josh: One

Joe: As

Josh: Fifth

Joe: It when it was starting

Josh: Well.

Joe: To grow. So. Yeah.

Josh: 153 B, I went to Montclair State for a year.

Joe: Oh,

Josh: Yeah,

Joe: That’s so cool.

Josh: You

Joe: Yeah,

Josh: Were by

Joe: So,

Josh: The campus, I imagine.

Joe: Yeah, I was I was right there

Josh: Yeah.

Joe: Trumpet’s the jazz club. You remember

Josh: Yes,

Joe: That? Yes.

Josh: Of course,

Joe: Ok,

Josh: So funny

Joe: I know.

Josh: Jersey taqiyya.

Joe: That’s right. So talk to me about the people. So you have the application online for the host and you’re obviously looking for those all the time to expand

Josh: Mm

Joe: Because

Josh: Hmm.

Joe: What is it? Each each host gets three interviews during that eight hour day.

Josh: That’s right.

Joe: Ok, and then the people that want to attend Pod Max are potentially people that want to be guests be matched up with one or

Josh: That’s

Joe: Two

Josh: Right.

Joe: Or any of

Josh: Mm

Joe: Those

Josh: Hmm.

Joe: Hosts.

Josh: Three

Joe: Three, three, three.

Josh: Up to three

Joe: Right,

Josh: Up.

Joe: Right. And then on the website I saw there was a button to buy. Is it is it to purchase a ticket for the next five max in August?

Josh: That is correct.

Joe: Ok.

Josh: So the revenue and the and the tickets are from the entrepreneur side who want to be guests on the shows,

Joe: Got

Josh: They

Joe: It.

Josh: Come in, we train them, we work with them, we put them and match them on the show. So they record. We then, you know, they’re in the room for the keynotes and the networking and everybody’s happy.

Joe: So explain to me, when you say we train them, what does that mean?

Josh: We have so we when we first started virtual, we didn’t have any sort of built in training, we just saw people coming to the event and the day the event happened and that was that. Then we had some people coming to us that said, you know what, I want to attend because they saw this as a great way to basically click a button, buy a ticket, and they’ll be a guest on three shows. Right. How how else can that happen so quickly? And so guarantee that you’re going to record in the course of a day and it’s done now. You got three under your belt

Joe: Mm hmm.

Josh: More. We started getting people who in their own right were successful business people, six, seven, eight figure business people at everything from the C Suite on down. But they’re coming to us saying, I’ve never been on a show before, but I want to or I’ve been on some. But I’m not that good. I need more confidence. I need more need more skill. And we thought, oh, my gosh, we’re attracting a wide variety of successful business people who are now trying to break into podcasts, guesting. So we said, well, let’s hold a prevent training where prior to the event, which is what we do now, we hold a 90 minute session with all the attendees prior to the event where we work with them in small groups. So they get one on one attention with Eric and me where we really get them going with their story, their message. We we listen to it, we prompt them, we give them feedback. We have them do it again. We give them notes. We say you’re missing the bigger point. This is actually your sound bite. This is your message. This is what I’m hearing. And we just poke and prod until they’re ready to go. And then they take the week prior to the event to get comfortable and practice and rehearse. And we do that kind of training.

Joe: Well, that’s very cool, and I think what I found as a as a host is I run into those people when they’ve written a book

Josh: Mm

Joe: And now

Josh: Hmm.

Joe: They want to promote the book. And

Josh: Ok.

Joe: They know that a really good way to promote the book is to get on as many podcasts as you can to get the message out

Josh: Ok.

Joe: That they’ve never been on one. So

Josh: There you go.

Joe: There you can see that they’re a little awkward in having to talk to a camera and you know what I mean? So I find that that’s that’s a that’s a big spot for me. When I get someone contacts me about, hey, we want to have so-and-so on. He’s just written this great book and it’s going to be released on Amazon in a month. And we’d like to get some sales. And

Josh: Uh.

Joe: And then you get that person and you can tell that they’re just sort of wet behind

Josh: Now.

Joe: The ears in regards to being a guest.

Josh: Yeah.

Joe: So.

Josh: Right, whether it’s a host or a guest, you know, you said you have guests, but certainly, you know, as a host, it’s not often as easy as it looks, right. Just because somebody is in front of a camera and has a mic, once you start doing it and then you put and then you’re like, OK, this is a podcast. There’s a lot of moving parts that you didn’t anticipate. You have no clue what to do. And then there’s so many things that you don’t even know what you don’t know until it’s too late. And you’re like, wait, what am I missing here? Same thing on the guest side. Everybody thinks like, no, I just talk to me, ask me some questions, I’ll answer them. No way. Because there’s two parts here. There’s the technical and then the technique. Right. The technical is all this stuff, how you’re framed, how you look, the lighting, the earphones, the microphone. Right. All very deliberate. And then there’s the technique. What are your stories? How long are you answering? What’s your energy and persona like? What are your sound bytes?

Joe: Please,

Josh: And we teach

Joe: Please

Josh: All that.

Joe: Tell me that when you do some of this training with these new guests that you actually talk about equipment.

Josh: Oh, my gosh, you have to,

Joe: It’s

Josh: Of

Joe: Just

Josh: Course. Yeah,

Joe: A.

Josh: Thank you for observing that, because we don’t want them showing up to the event because they’re representing us and our brand. And it’s all right. The next events that are better, they are they’ll look good to the hosts and vice versa. Right. So we always require great professional level of host because we want a great host to represent the guests. And that’s what makes it so well. So hosts nine times out of ten will already have, especially if they’re working with us, they’re professional. This is part of their business model and they’re in it for the long run. They have a growth mindset. They get it. They’re up and running guests. So you’re right. Even like the ones that you would expect, like C suite level or quote unquote known famous company executives and employees, it’s like they not ever you could assume, but they don’t know.

Joe: Yeah,

Josh: A lot of them just don’t know. So,

Joe: That’s.

Josh: Yeah, we we do talk about that. Like you can’t use your computer. Might stop with the window behind you, stop with that terrible green screen because half of your face is, you know, see through and it just doesn’t work. Yeah.

Joe: Yeah, I think the most brutal thing for me is when they have my voice coming out of their speaker and it keeps it keeps wiping out what right instead of it coming in headphones or in ears like I have, it just keeps

Josh: Yeah,

Joe: Hammering

Josh: Uh.

Joe: Over whatever when we’re talking because it’s the feet, it’s the loop coming back through the mic. It’s just

Josh: Yeah,

Joe: Brutal.

Josh: Yeah, and even the angle, you got the perfect angle, you know, that that’s, you know, are you too high, too low? It’s it’s all right. The technical and the technique, we cover it all.

Joe: That’s very cool. Well, that’s that

Josh: Thanks.

Joe: Makes me so happy the more we can do that with guess,

Josh: At.

Joe: The better it will be.

Josh: We’re doing our part.

Joe: So when is Permax? In August.

Josh: August twenty seventh, we always have it on a Friday, it started that way and then we continued that way because one of the reasons it makes so much sense now to have it on a Friday, especially virtual, you spend eight hours from 9:00 to 5:00 Eastern again. Believe me, it will fly by. That’s my promise. That’s the way we make it happen. It’s going to fly by no matter if you’re a guest or a host. But you’ve still spent eight hours in the room absorbing everything and recording everything. So we just thought it was it was quite perfect to almost accidentally do it on a Friday, but then keep it it because let’s take the weekend to sort of decompress and let it all process.

Joe: Sure. Let me ask you the more of a personal question in regards to

Josh: Sure.

Joe: You with the hidden entrepreneur and you as a host and then as a guest, are you busy being a guest on other podcasts? And are you when you are a guest or are you talking about your show and what you’ve done as an entrepreneur? Are you talking more about, let’s say, Pod Max and what you’re doing with that?

Josh: So I’m I’m a guest here and now in real time,

Joe: Yeah.

Josh: So you’re so you’re asking

Joe: Do

Josh: When

Joe: You do a lot

Josh: I’m

Joe: Of these?

Josh: Out.

Joe: Do you do

Josh: Oh yeah.

Joe: You are you a guest? A lot on

Josh: Yes,

Joe: A lot of.

Josh: Yeah, you ask a good question, though, what we what I do and really what we teach and promote is it’s less about what you do and more about who you are, because that’s what I think people are going to be attracted to. So I’ve spent time really honing in on and perfecting and continuing to perfect my story, my messaging, my communication, my positioning. A it’s what I do on the business side. Right. So you sort of have to show that you can do what you’re claiming to teach. Right. Which I think a lot of people

Joe: Right,

Josh: Don’t

Joe: What

Josh: Do.

Joe: You’re asking others to do, right?

Josh: Right. So if I can sort of show an example through me and be somewhat good at it, you’re going to have more confidence coming along with what product or service I have. So it’s in my best interest for a variety of reasons also because I still have some of that. I want the external validation right now. I don’t need it, but it always feels good just as confirmation that you’re doing something people value. Right. How else do you get that? But the feedback. So by doing something like this, it gives me feedback, my personal feedback and others. So I continue to hone and craft my story and message because it’s what I teach and it’ll help get my brand and message and story and business out there. Further, I, I talk about where I came from and my struggles, upbringing, and like we touched upon here, how I spent all the time hiding and all of those years led to creating what became the hidden entrepreneur, which then helped lead me into a career deep in the podcast space. But really it’s about communication because you can apply it anywhere. You can apply it to your social media videos, to your emails, you know, to your sales calls, to all these stories and messaging still become relevant. So it’s all encompassing.

Joe: So for the entrepreneurs, again, that would be listening to my show, when you decided to do your podcast called The Hidden Entrepreneur. What was your main reasoning behind that?

Josh: Great question, the reason out of the gate was I felt like I needed something to do right. I left that 10 year career running my own digital marketing agency, and I said, OK, what do I want to do with myself now? I didn’t have all the answers. This is the important part. I didn’t have all the answers. I just got the next answer, which I felt it clearly podcasting. And I said, I’m going to try it. I’m going to do it. I want to do it. I’m motivated to do it. And I think I’d be good at it. Meaning I think that I’ll stick with it. And I think that this can really turn into something. I think that I can create this show and then around that show, parlay that into some sort of product or service in some regard that will put me on a path to success that I can live with and support myself with. That’s really all I knew. And I knew that the show would give me confidence, right. Just by doing it and showing up each day, I knew that it would give me connection to each individual person. And lo and behold, it’s it’s it’s literally has given me life.

Joe: And the guests that you have on that show are entrepreneurs of all walks of life, but are

Josh: Correct.

Joe: So it’s not that you are talking specifically to entrepreneurs who, like yourself, broke out of a shell and decided to do something.

Josh: No,

Joe: It’s just

Josh: No.

Joe: It’s just the name of it. It’s something that speaks

Josh: Correct?

Joe: To your heart because that’s

Josh: Mm hmm.

Joe: How you felt for a long time. And now it’s just sort of like my show where we have great guests who are running their own businesses that have gone through the struggles are going through the struggles, have

Josh: There

Joe: Survived

Josh: You go.

Joe: 20, 20, all of those things.

Josh: Absolutely, yes.

Joe: Ok, cool, so then when let me ask you this question that when you are a guest, because I think all of this helps not only all the entrepreneurs that are listening,

Josh: Mm hmm.

Joe: That I don’t have a podcast that don’t go on podcasts that don’t listen to whatever it might be,

Josh: Right.

Joe: Which is hard for you and I to understand, because, like, I was at the gym and I constantly having a podcast in my years. But when you are a guest, how do you figure out what your story is? Because you are this you led this life like I did,

Josh: The.

Joe: Right, with all of these things. And that’s sort of like this is a selfish question, because I’m asking because

Josh: Sure.

Joe: If I was to be a guest on a podcast,

Josh: Mm

Joe: I’m

Josh: Hmm.

Joe: Not sure what Joe Costello would show up for that, because I don’t there’s so much that has happened. But it’s not like I like I had Shaun Spawner on my show who summited all of the summits, like the they

Josh: Right,

Joe: Call

Josh: Right,

Joe: It the

Josh: Right,

Joe: I forget

Josh: Right.

Joe: What it’s called anyhow. But he was amazing. He went to Everest, he went to the North Pole, South Pole, did all the summits. And so he has a story to tell and he has a short film that they did. There’s people who come on and they have books. And so they’ve written a book on something very special. And

Josh: Yeah, yeah.

Joe: What’s the story that you tell when you are on a show as a guest?

Josh: The past forty six minutes will answer that. But in all seriousness, I I have over time you develop a library of stories that you have at the ready that encompass you and who you are, what you stand for, how you want to stand, why you want to stand for that, how you want to be perceived and positioned in your in your world. So I have a variety of stories that come about that I could explore based on the conversation I’m having. But they all wind up having an overarching theme, a core message, a core value, core stance that I deliver based on the hidden entrepeneur and where I’ve been and who I am and where I’m going. So you could learn about me so you can relate to me. So maybe you can like me enough to say, I want to I want to get to know this person more, see what else he does,

Joe: Mm

Josh: See

Joe: Hmm.

Josh: What he’s about, and then we can explore each other’s worlds together. So that takes a little bit of time to do, but that’s sort of what we do. So if you’re asking which I think you’re asking, like, how would somebody like you who doesn’t yet go on shows, where do you begin? Is that sort of what you’re asking?

Joe: Yeah,

Josh: Like

Joe: I mean, I

Josh: Maybe

Joe: Think.

Josh: Right now? Everybody has a story where you you had a a life affirming or confirming incident that we can all write like I don’t think I did necessarily, but I have enough of a story to make it interesting, relatable, compelling write. These are all things that are learnable skills, but they do start somewhere.

Joe: All right.

Josh: So you I read your website. So I know generally about you wanting growing up. You wanted to be a drummer,

Joe: Mm hmm.

Josh: Right, for the Stones or with the Stones. And so so broadly speaking, even if you started there with like a dream lost, never fulfilled yet, you know, where was the struggle there? I could spend five minutes and really dig into how painful did that get? What were some of the the turn how close did you get if if at all? What were some of those moments when you were behind closed doors in your own head? And then where are you today and how did it all go? Right. How did it all lead? OK, that could be a very compelling story that people can relate to. Of course, not everybody wanted to be a drummer for the Stones, but we all have our own version of that. So that’s all you’re tapping into, making it intriguing, making it compelling. And everybody has fascinating stories that they can put pieces together with and share them with the people who want to hear it.

Joe: Yeah, that’s great, I it’s just that you think about it and you go and I think a lot of people feel this way, right? They’re like,

Josh: Nothing happened, right?

Joe: My my story is not that interesting. Why should I tell it? And I don’t necessarily feel that way. I’ve gone through a lot of iterations

Josh: Right.

Joe: And I have a lot of experience. And besides podcasting and our YouTube channel, you know, I run a seven figure booking agency here in Phoenix and Scottsdale. So I’m a successful entrepreneur. But again, this is the selfish thing for me is like I

Josh: Yeah.

Joe: Like meeting people like you and learning these kinds of things and sharing them before you. And I can help one entrepreneur out there with our show or what

Josh: Yeah.

Joe: You do with Cognex. That’s a great thing, right? If it’s just about and that’s what I loved about this interview with you, is that you were very vulnerable and the way you spoke about yourself and it and it’s refreshing to have someone to do that and not come and go. Oh, yeah. Well, yeah, I ran I did this and I was running these huge corporations. And then I had all this money and I figured I didn’t need any more money. So I decided to start a fight or whatever. I mean, it’s just it’s nice to hear that you and I went sort of through the same kind of thing

Josh: Mm

Joe: And

Josh: Hmm.

Joe: It was refreshing to hear. So I appreciate you doing that. I wanted to say thank you earlier when you were doing it, but the momentum was going. But it was very, very cool that

Josh: Great.

Joe: You were that real about all of that stuff. So thank you.

Josh: You’re very welcome. Joe.

Joe: So what is the cost for the August next?

Josh: We have three ticket levels that you could you could explore on the site generally there between under a thousand, up to two thousand.

Joe: Ok, and.

Josh: Depending on how you want the experience to go.

Joe: Got it and all of that up there, they click on that button and they’ll have those choices there.

Josh: Mm hmm.

Joe: Is there a deadline?

Josh: Yes, one week prior to the event, tickets, clothes, whatever, whenever you’re hearing this, if it’s one week prior to the very next event, tickets, clothes, because that’s when we have to do the match ups and get all the information out to the attendees.

Joe: What’s the date and August again?

Josh: August 27.

Joe: Twenty seven. OK, is there anything else that I missed that you wanted to touch upon?

Josh: No, you’ve

Joe: Wow,

Josh: Been thoroughly thorough.

Joe: That’s beautiful. OK, great. So the links that you got work for you in order for people to either contact you in regards to the hidden entrepreneur, contact you in regards to Pod Max, what’s the website, you URL, all of that stuff so we can make sure and then I’ll have it all in the notes anyhow. But if anybody’s listening, I want to I want

Josh: Mm hmm.

Joe: Them to hear it.

Josh: That’s great. Well, the business side is Pod Max Dot CEO, and then on the personal side, which will lead you to all kinds of forks in the road that you could explore. It’s Josh Carey Dotcom.

Joe: Perfect. OK, well, this is been great, man, I really appreciate it. I was excited to hear about Max. I will also check out The Hidden Entrepreneur. I appreciate you coming on here and sharing this with the audience. And hopefully we’ll get a bunch of people that will attend and maybe some new host and guest will come out of all of this. But I appreciate your time today, and it’s very, very nice to meet you and very interesting to hear what’s going on with Max.

Josh: Likewise, I appreciate it greatly. Thanks so much.

Joe: Thank you, man. I’ll talk to you soon.

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