Part 1 – An Interview with Nate Morton, Drummer for “The Voice”

I finally got to sit down with my dear friend and the ever so talented Nate Morton, drummer for the hit NBC TV show, “The VoiceAs you’ll hear, Nate is super humble, very smart, funny as hell and man, can he tell a story!! We literally talked for 2 1/2 hours and the time flew!! **hence the reason this is a 2 Part episode**

We begin with his early childhood in this episode, which is Part 1 of a two part episode. From there we follow his path from high school to college at the University of Maryland to gain an engineering degree. That decision didn’t last long and he was finally Berklee bound to get a performance degree.You’ll hear about his drum instructor Grant Menefee, who not only went to Berklee himself but prepared Nate for his years to come at this prestigious music school. Nate credits a lot of his success to Grant preparing him plus the hard work that Nate hisself did based on Grant’s advise. 

We’ll hear more about Nate’s time at Berklee, his eventual gig with Faye Wong and their residency gig in Hong Kong. A couple of years are spent in Boston after the Faye Wong gig before making the big decision to move to Los Angeles.We end this part of the episode talking about the connections he first made when arriving in Los Angeles and ultimately, the name Barry Squire comes up because he was/is known as the match-maker of talent to many of the biggest touring acts. If an artist needs a top notch player, Barry Squire helps get the right person for the gig.

Part 2 of this episode focuses more on Nate’s early days in Los Angeles and we walk through his timeline of auditions, touring gigs with well-known artists, up to his current seat as the drummer for “The Voice“.Enjoy and thank you for listening!!

Nate Morton:
Nate’s Website:
Fraudprophets Website:
YouTube: Nate Morton Drum Cam

Nate’s company affiliations include:

  • Pearl drums & percussion
  • Zildjian cymbals & sticks
  • Roland
  • Remo
  • ePad
  • Cympad
  • GoPro
  • Sennheiser
  • Kelly SHU
  • WingKey

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