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Hi, I’m Joe Costello. I help people uncover their ‘why’, become a solopreneur or entrepreneur & live a purposeful life.

Over the past 40+ years, I’ve lived my ‘why’, I’ve started 4 successful businesses and continue to run a 7-figure business today.

I love being an entrepreneur and I encourage people to uncover their ‘why’ and start the business of their dreams. The time is NOW!

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My Story

Growing up, I had my sights set on becoming a professional drummer, fantasizing about world tours with legends like The Rolling Stones. Yet, there was always this persistent itch, a sense of something more calling me, which I believe held me back from fully diving into that "life on the road."

After college and a few job stints, it hit me—I'm an entrepreneur at heart, destined to create my own path. I guess you could say I'm a serial entrepreneur, having kick-started numerous successful ventures over the years. Though I did make it as a professional musician, it wasn't on a global tour or behind the drums for The Stones. Instead, music led me to another venture I'm proud of: owning a management/booking agency.

I'm forever a student, deeply engrossed in the study of success, gleaning insights from mentors of all walks of life. Their wisdom has been instrumental in shaping my approach to building thriving businesses for over twenty years.

Sharing the lessons I've learned is the greatest gift I believe I can offer, aiming to empower others on their own paths to success. So, while I'm always learning, I'm equally passionate about teaching.

My journey hasn't been without its setbacks. But the key, I've found, is in learning from those mistakes and using them to guide not just my own decisions, but hopefully to enlighten others as well.

That's the heart of this site—I hope you discover a gem or two that lights your way!

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Sharing his knowledge and life lessons is what Joe loves to do.

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